Top 10 beautiful Betta fish by colour, fins & tail patterns:

Betta fish are also called Siamese fighting fish, & they are very famous among the fish keepers. They are available in almost every fish shop. The reason behind their popularity is that they are available in different colours, patterns & tail types.

Many different types of Betta fish are available so if you are looking for the most beautiful type, then we can help you.

Have a look at the most beautiful Betta fish by tail types.

Best 10 beautiful Betta fish by colour, fins & tails
Top 10 beautiful Betta fish by colour, fins & tails

1. Veil tail Betta fish:

Veil tail Betta fish are a very common variation of the Siamese fighting fish, & you can easily find them in fish shops, but this type of Siamese fighting fish is very beautiful. They have long & flowing fins. When they swim, they give a look of a beautiful veil behind them.


2. Rose tail Betta fish:

The tails of Rose tail Siamese fighting fish give a look of rose petals due to the exaggerated branching of the rays on their fins & tails.

Rose tail betta fish are commonly available in multi coloured patterns, often their tails offer an ombre look.

When they swim, they seem similar to a flower floating through the tank water.


3. Delta tail Betta fish:

Delta tail is a common but pretty Siamese fighting fish.

The tail of Delta tail is like the shape of the Greek letter ‘d’, hence they are known as delta tail.

The tail & fins of the fish flare when they swim through the water. It seems like the fish is surrounded by colourful fans as it floats through the water.


4. Crown tail Betta fish:

The look of Crown tail Siamese fighting fish is very intense among the best betta fish we have presented in this post.

They do not offer any webbing b/w the extended rays on their fins & tails. Crown tail betta fish look like they are covered in spikes.


5. Half Moon Betta fish:

They are one of the most famous Siamese fighting fish.

The tail of the Half Moon Siamese fighting fish is a calmed down version of the Rose tail Siamese fighting fish, & looks like Delta tail Siamese fighting fish. The tail offers a ruffled appearance, but it seems less like rose petals, & gives a pretty cloth like look.

The tail of the Half Moon betta fish offers a curve & completeness that seems like a half moon.


6. Comb tail Betta fish:

The Comb tail Siamese fighting fish seems very amazing.

Comb tail Betta fish are not available in the wild, & they are only born through interbreeding of Betta fish.

The Comb tail betta fish offers the same appealing aspects to Crown tail. They offer a spiky look but they have extra webbing b/w the long rays.


7. Double tail Betta fish:

Double tails are very different in appearance compared to other types of Siamese fighting fish.

They are born with an awesome genetic feature as their tails are produced in 2 lobes instead of 1, making 2 tails.

Due to the extensive double tails, they have a smaller body than the ordinary betta fish, offering a beautiful look.


8. Half Sun Betta fish:

Half Sun betta fish tail looks very dramatic in appearance.

The tail of the Half Sun extends beyond the webbing of the caudal fin. It seems similar to a combination of Combtail & Crowntail Siamese fighting fish.

If you have a Half Sun betta fish in your fish tank, then it seems like a tiny sun in your aquarium water. Particularly, if your Half Sun betta fish is yellow or orange.


9. Spade tail Betta fish:

The name of the Spade tail betta fish suggests it has a pointed tail that looks like a spade.

You can easily distinguish them from the other nine Siamese fighting fish we have added in this post.

They have a smooth shape that looks pleasant & beautiful in a fish tank.


10. Round tail Betta fish:

Round tail Betta fish are a very rare kind of Siamese fighting fish, so they are rarely available in fish shops. If you want to get a Round tail Betta fish, then my advice is to purchase them from a breeder who produces this type of Betta fish.

As the name suggests, they have a round tail like Delta tail Siamese fighting fish. However, unlike Delta tails, Round tail Betta fish do not offer straight edges around the end of their tails so they do not look like ‘d’ shape. The tail of Round tail betta fish seems round like a penny.

Round tail betta fish are available in many colours & variations, making them a perfect choice for your fish tank.

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