How Can You Tell the Difference between Fertilized VS Unfertilized Goldfish Eggs?

It is simple to recognize unfertilized Goldfish eggs due to their bright white colour. It is easy to breed Goldfish, so fish keepers will discover fish eggs in their aquarium without doing much.

It is up to the aquarist to find out whether their Goldfish eggs are fertilized or not. That is where I can help you.

Goldfish Eggs
Goldfish Eggs

How to Spot Unfertilized Goldfish Eggs?

Unfertilized Goldfish eggs seem round in shape & look similar to little bubbles. Their colour is bright white. The male Goldfish do not fertilize these eggs, therefore they can be found floating on the tank water surface. These unfertilized eggs will not produce Goldfish babies.


How Can You Recognize Fertilized Eggs?

It is easy to tell the difference b/w fertilized & unfertilized Goldfish eggs. It is simple to tell the fertilized eggs from unfertilized ones only by seeing their colours.

One of the main reasons for having fertilized eggs in the aquarium is that there is no male Goldfish in the tank, which means that the aquarium is full of only female Goldfish. If the Goldfish eggs look white after several days have passed, then it is time to collect those using a fish net & remove them from the aquarium. If the sterile eggs are left unattended, then they will start to decompose after a day or two & produce ammonia.

Fertilized Goldfish eggs are easy to spot because they look yellow-orange in colour & one of their ends have little black dots. Conversely, unfertilized Goldfish eggs will look pale white or semi white.

Male Goldfish will fertilize the eggs after they are deposited by females. That is why unfertilized eggs usually happen when your aquarium has no male Goldfish or the milt does not get every egg.



It is easy to tell the difference between fertilized VS unfertilized eggs just by seeing their colour. Fertilized eggs will have yellow-orange colour, & one of their ends have little dark spots, whereas unfertilized eggs will seem white.

It is crucial to remove unfertilized Goldfish eggs from the aquarium after a few days have passed because they will start to decompose & produce ammonia.

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