What are the Pros and Cons (Uses) of an Aquarium Canister Filter:

For processing fish waste, and other germs, a filter is required. The larger the filter, the more cleaning media it stores. The faster it processes water, the more water it clears efficiently.

A canister filter is very efficient in cleaning. It is located outside the aquarium. It draws water from the aquarium via an intake tube, and sends water back to the tank via an outtake tube.

Every product has its advantages & disadvantages. Let us look into pros & cons of canister filters.

Pros and Cons of an Aquarium Canister Filter
Pros and Cons of an Aquarium Canister Filter

Advantages of Canister Filters:

If you want crystal clear water, then a canister filter is best for this job.


  • Abundance of Filtration Media:

Canister filters have multiple baskets used for storing heaps of filtration media. Adding more media will ensure that the filter is working efficiently. Canister filters let you customize the type of media. You can add mechanical, chemical & biological filter media to clean every type of germs.


  • Cleaning Heaps of Water Quickly & Efficiently:

Heaps of water must be drawn from the tank into the canister filter because this filter is located outside the aquarium so it needs a powerful pump. If a large volume of water is sent to the canister filter then it means that it is cleaning water quickly & efficiently than other filters. Canister filters can handle more water in an hour than other filters. It is a big advantage of canister filters to process & clean large volumes of aquarium water & quickly remove toxic chemicals.


  • Save space inside aquarium:

One of the best advantages of having a canister filter is that it is located outside the fish tank so it saves lots of space inside the aquarium.

The only thing located inside the fish tank is the water intake tube, along with water return tubes for water to flow back to the aquarium. Fish can enjoy more space inside the aquarium if you are using a canister filter.


  • Save fish & avoid water from evaporating:

Canister filters do not allow water to evaporate & they do not suck fish. Other filters can have a problem of sucking fish but canister filters only draw water. Canister filters can save your fish from jumping outside aquariums.

You will experience loss of water if you are using a power filter, but a canister filter is designed to avoid water from evaporating the tank.


  • Save Power:

The Giantz Canister filter saves power. This filter only needs 55 watts for running smoothly which makes it energy efficient.


  • UV Sterilization kills harmful microbes:

After operating your filter for a few hours, you will see clean water. Water entering the canister filter will be exposed to UV radiations, which will kill harmful bacteria.


Disadvantages of Canister Filters:

Canister filters are expensive, bulky, & need high maintenance.


  • Expensive:

You can get a better canister filter for around $200. Even though they clean quickly, efficiently & can kill all types of germs, still the price tag will shock many aquarists.


  • Maintenance:

High maintenance is required when using a canister filter. Decide the type of filtration media you are putting into baskets, & how much of it is enough. Disassemble the filter & clean every part. Over time your filter tubing needs cleaning too.


  • Difficult to Setup:

Canister filters are a bit difficult to setup because they contain lots of tubing for outtake & intake flow of water. Setup the canister by opening it & installing media in every basket. It can take some time to follow instructions & setup your newly bought filter.


  • Bulky & Noisy:

Canister filters are large & bulky. It does not take up aquarium space but still needs lots of space outside the aquarium. They draw heaps of water from aquariums, which make them quite noisy.

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