Is Vaseline toxic for aquarium or pond fish? What is a safe alternative to Vaseline?

Vaseline is a very popular product for human skin problems. It is used in cosmetics and medicines. It is made from mineral oils and waxes that make a semi solid substance like a jelly.

After reading freshwater fish forums, I discovered that some aquarists & moderators have been using Vaseline in fish tanks with no problems for fish. One of the experts said on a forum that he has used Vaseline on the impeller shaft of a filter to lower its noise, & had no problem later on. According to fish keepers on different forums, Vaseline is a 100% pure petroleum jelly so it won’t dissolve in the water. However, some of them recommend using Vaseline in less amounts because heaps of Vaseline can make the water cloudy or waxy.

One of the fish keepers said that even though Vaseline is immiscible which means that it will not dissolve in water but it is still soluble in water & could be toxic for fish. Therefore, I think that using Vaseline in less amounts for fixing filters would not be dangerous for aquarium or pond use. The use of Vaseline can increase the life span of filters. Higher amounts of Vaseline is prohibited.


What is a safe alternative to Vaseline?

A safe alternative to Vaseline is Silicone Grease. According to forum experts, Silicone Grease is safe for aquariums or ponds. It can stay where it is applied for longer periods. Silicone Grease can be applied to impellers, reactors and gaskets. Silicone products have no side effects when used in aquariums or ponds.


Is Vaseline different from Petroleum Jelly?

Is Vaseline toxic for aquarium or pond fish
Vaseline is a 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline is another name of Petroleum Jelly. There is no difference between Petroleum Jelly and Vaseline. Vaseline is a 100% pure petroleum jelly. Before purchasing the product, make sure you find ‘100% Pure Petroleum Jelly’ on the label.

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