How to grow an avocado plant from seed in an aquarium or pond?

Have you ever thought of growing avocado plants in a fish tank or pond? Avocado grows when its pit is half submerged in water. The plant grows outside the water surface but it extracts nutrients from the aquarium water.

In this tutorial, I can help you in growing an Avocado plant from a seed in a fish tank. Another name of the seed is a pit. My plant grew large in the aquarium so I shifted it to a pond.

How to grow an Avocado plant in a fish tank or pond?

My Avocado plant absorbs nutrients from the water through its roots.


Step 1:

Remove skin from the seed
Remove skin from the seed

Growing Avocado plant from a pit is simple. In this tutorial, I have explained every step about growing Avocado plant.

It is simple to begin with Avocado pit. Gently remove the seed from the plant without damaging it. Clean the seed with tap water to remove the skin when it is moist. Keep the pit in warm water for a few minutes for easy removal of the skin from the pit.


Step 2:

Take 3 toothpicks and insert them in the seed
Take 3 toothpicks and insert them in the seed

Find the narrow & wide end of the seed. Roots will develop from the broader side of the seed & stem will grow from the slightly pointier side. Take three toothpicks & insert them in the pit so the broader side faces down & the narrower side faces up.


Step 3:

Submerge pit in water until the toothpicks
Submerge pit in water until the toothpicks

Half fill a plastic cup with water. A transparent cup will help you in easily monitoring the germination process of the seed. Put the pit in such a way that the bottom half is immersed in water or the seed is submerged in water until the toothpicks. I placed the cup in the sunlight.


Step 4:

Roots sprouting from the avocado pit
Roots sprouting from the avocado pit

It is crucial to maintain the water level during the complete process because water evaporates. It is recommended to change water after a week or when it is cloudy. I did not face any problems with algae, mold or fungus.

Transparent cup will let you see the germination of the seed. My pit developed a crack after 5 weeks & then after a week, roots came out of the seed. Another week later, I saw the stem coming out of the seed. Avocado plant grew quickly after the initial germination period.

Not every seed will germinate so I would recommend you to wait until eight weeks and if there is no progress then begin with a new pit.

Is Avocado plant safe for aquarium or pond fish?

Avocado plants are safe for fish & water conditions. Only half of the seed of the avocado plant is submerged in water, & the plant is growing outside water. It grows a healthy root system that absorbs nutrition from the water. I moved Avocado plant from the Betta aquarium to the pond, & it did not cause any problems to my fish, & water conditions remained stable.

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