Blue Stricta (Hygrophila Corymbosa) Plant Guide: Aquarium Setup, Care & Maintenance, Propagation, & Tank Mates:

Blue Stricta is a famous plant that many aquarists use in the background of their tank. Its large green foliage offers dense colour. It has low requirements. By offering reasonable light, this plant will grow with ease. The scientific name of Blue Stricta is Hygrophila Corymbosa.

Blue Stricta is available in two types that are common in fish tank hobby such as Narrow Leaf, & Broad Leaf.

Blue Stricta Aquarium Plant Guide
Blue Stricta Aquarium Plant Guide

Aquarium Setup for Blue Stricta:

Blue Stricta grows in almost any tank, & can grow in a wide range of water conditions & temperatures.

The best place for Blue Stricta is the background or midground of the fish tank, as it grows fast. It is difficult to trim this plant.

Blue Stricta needs simple care, & grows in almost any tank setup.

Blue Stricta does not need extra carbon dioxide if fish are available in the aquarium.

Any substrate can be used in the Blue Stricta tank because it absorbs its nutrition from the water.

Blue Stricta is propagated in the tank water by just taking part of the plant, & growing it in the substrate.

Do not keep Goldfish in the Blue Stricta aquarium, as it will quickly eat this plant. Even if a Goldfish does not like the taste of such plants, Goldfish will uproot them & cause severe damage to these plants.

Blue Stricta can grow out of the fish tank, & outside water, it grows a flower.

If you grow this plant in iron rich substrate, their leaves will develop red colour.


Blue Stricta Care & Maintenance:




Midground to background of aquarium




Up to 50 cm


18 to 30 C

Care Level


Recommended Tank Requirements

4 to 6 hours


Not essential

Grow Blue Stricta in the midground or background of an aquarium.

Blue Stricta needs medium lighting. It grows up to 50 cm tall. Ideally, Blue Stricta should be kept between 18 & 30 Celsius.

Each plant needs a different balance of light, nutrition, & CO2 for best growth. Plants that need simple care might not require nutrition or Carbon Dioxide but using them will help plants grow quickly.

It is recommended to keep light turned on from 4 to 6 hours for the best growth of Blue Stricta.

Blue Stricta needs low maintenance. It does not need Carbon Dioxide.

Blue Stricta will grow abruptly if fertilizers are used but they are not essential.

Blue Stricta is one of the best background plants as it grows tall, & its single leaf grows 10 cm long.

Turtles & herbivorous fish will eat this plant.


How to Propagate Blue Stricta?

Take cutting from Blue Stricta, & remove the bottom leaves. Gently put the cutting in the substrate. Soon the cutting will develop a healthy root system that will form a new plant. For fast growth of the new plant, lots of nutrition is needed.


Problems with Blue Stricta:

If leaves of the plant turn yellow, then it indicates iron insufficiency, so additional supplement is required to fix this problem. In case of mineral deficiency, the plant will grow slowly.


Blue Stricta Tank Mates:

Blue Stricta can do well with most of the aquarium fish. They like to be with small fish, mostly snails & crustaceans. Goldfish & Cichlids will eat or uproot Blue Stricta.

Pros and Cons of Blue Stricta:

Blue Stricta is a beautiful plant that gives a dense greenish appearance. It grows tall with ease without the need of extra fertilizers & CO2. It is one of the best background plants that grows simply with little care & maintenance. The leaf of Blue Stricta grows 10 cm in length, & this plant grows tall which makes it one of the best midground or background plants.

Due to its fast growth, Blue Stricta will quickly grow out of the water surface.

Blue Stricta grows quickly so it needs regular trimming.

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