How to setup fish poop / turbo suction filter in an aquarium for cleaning fish waste?

Fish waste filter is specially created for filtering out fish poop. Fish poop filters have another advantage such as oxygenating water by causing surface agitation. In addition, it will trap uneaten food & other debris. Fish poop filter is also called turbo suction filter due to its great suction power, & aquarists usually use them in tanks with too much poop or for collecting waste of large fish because ordinary filters are not efficient in cleaning large size poop. I have built my own DIY aquarium fish poop filter, & used it in my Goldfish aquarium. Goldfish produce too much waste, & their poop size is large but my DIY turbo suction filter works fine in trapping all poop. My Goldfish aquarium is bare bottom, so my DIY fish poop filter works efficiently in cleaning my Goldfish tank. Click on the link below if you are interested in making a DIY fish poop filter for your aquarium.

How to setup turbo suction filter in a fish tank?

Fish poop filters have a different design than normal filters because they produce a cyclone in the filter. This powerful cyclone effect collects poop from the tank & traps them via mechanical filtration media inside the filter. Water is forced to enter a compartment that contains many small quartz beads where heaps of useful bacteria thrive.

In this post, I will help you in setting up a fish waste filter in the Goldfish aquarium.


How to setup fish waste filter in aquarium?

How to setup fish poop filter in an aquarium?
How to setup fish poop filter in an aquarium?

It is very easy to setup fish poop filter in aquarium. This filter is small only 12 cm wide & 16.5 high so handling this filter is very simple, & it requires low maintenance. Make sure you clean fish poop filter before using it for the first time. Inside the filter, you will find a compartment that holds heaps of little quartz beads.

How to assemble turbo suction filter?
How to assemble turbo suction filter?

You will need an air pump for operating a fish poop filter. The air tube should be attached to the filter inlet. My aquarium is bare bottom & fish poop filter works best in aquariums with no substrate. The filter I have is rated for 120-liter fish tanks. Make sure you gently stick the suction cups to the bottom of the tank. Then turn on the pump, & filter will produce its cyclone effect. 

Turbo Suction Filter Review:

Turbo Suction Filter ReviewTurbo Suction Filter Review

My fish poop filter began collecting waste as soon as I operated it. All the fish waste & other debris are trapped in the base of the filter. After a few days, I noticed heaps of fish poop stuck in the base of the filter. I did not clean the fish poop filter for up to 14 days to see how much waste it can collect. I set up a turbo suction filter in a 240-liter aquarium, which is twice the capacity of this filter rating. My turbo suction filter is recommended for only 120-liter fish tanks.

I noticed that my turbo suction filter worked well for up to 5 days but later its efficiency dropped & after 2 weeks, I noticed that the filter was full of fish poop. The efficiency of the filter was greatly reduced as it was filled with waste.

Fish poop filters can also be used to aerate water as it causes a high cyclone effect that disturbs the water surface. Fish poop filters cause surface agitation so CO2 is removed from the water surface & oxygen is added. My Goldfish is happy in a clean aerated aquarium, thanks to the fish waste filter.

Turbo Suction Filter Maintenance:

Maintenance of Turbo Suction FilterMaintenance of Turbo Suction Filter

During maintenance of the fish waste filter, you should remove the air tube & take the filter out of the aquarium bottom in order to clean it. It is simple to clean the turbo suction filter. You should remove the top of the filter, & then rinse the filter media & base of the filter with aquarium water.

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