Kuhli Loach Aquarium Setup: Do Kuhli Loaches need Aquatic Plants, Substrate, Filter, Heater, Lighting or Bubbler?

Kuhli Loaches look like snakes & people get scared of them when they see Kuhli Loaches for the first time. Kuhli Loaches are popular aquarium fishes. Kuhli Loaches need low care & they can survive in tough conditions. They swim like snakes & are fun to watch.

Kuhli Loach needs at least 20 gallons of water in their aquarium. it is recommended to add 4 additional gallons of water if you plan to add another Kuhli Loach.

Keep multiple Kuhli Loaches as they are shoaling fish & like the company of other loaches. It is recommended to add a minimum of five or more Kuhli Loaches in a single aquarium.

Kuhli Loach Aquarium Setup
Kuhli Loach Aquarium Setup



Scientific Name

Pangio kuhlii

Aquarium Size

At least 20 Gallons

Water Temperature

73 to 86 °F

Water Hardness

0 to 5 dGH


4 inches



Care Level



Does Kuhli Loach need substrate?

Kuhli Loaches dig through the substrate because they are scavengers & look for food beneath the substrate. Due to their digging habit, do not keep large gravels, as they will have difficulty in moving them, & avoid adding substrate having sharp edges as they might scratch the bodies of Kuhli Loaches. Add a mix of fine gravel-sand in Kuhli Loach aquarium.


Does Kuhli Loach need aquatic plants?

Kuhli Loaches like many aquatic plants in their aquarium. Make sure you keep sturdy plants that are deeply rooted in the substrate; otherwise, Kuhli Loaches may uproot them. The best low maintenance plants for Kuhli Loach aquarium are Java Fern & Cryptocoryne.

Kuhli Loaches like hiding spots in their aquarium, so you can setup your aquarium with aquatic plants, caves & driftwood.


Does Kuhli Loach need a bubbler?

No, Kuhli Loach does not need an aerator or a bubbler. In the wild, Kuhli Loaches live in fast moving water that adds oxygen in the water due to disturbance. If you have setup a filter, a water pump, a wave maker or any other source for causing disturbance in the water, then there is no need to setup a bubbler in the Kuhli Loach fish tank.


Does Kuhli Loach need lighting?

No aquarium lights are not necessary because Kuhli Loaches like dark. If you are planning to setup lights in Kuhli Loaches aquarium for aquatic plants or for seeing the bright colors of your fish, then it is recommended to add many plants for shades. Kuhli Loaches do not prefer strong lights in their aquarium. Either add floating plants, & many shades if you are planning to setup strong artificial lights in Kuhli Loaches aquarium.


Does Kuhli Loach need a heater?

Kuhli Loaches need a heater because they prefer warm water. Make sure you keep water in the ideal temperature range to save your Loaches from stress & diseases.


Does Kuhli Loach need a filter?

A filter will clean water by absorbing waste & other physical impurities from the water; otherwise, these impure solid matters will rot & release dangerous chemicals. A filter cleans water biologically by absorbing the dangerous chemicals.

Kuhli Loaches need a filter in their aquarium but it is recommended to cover the filter outlet & inlet with sponge to avoid your fish from trapping inside. You can choose from different varieties of filters such internal, canister or hang on back filters.

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