Do Killifish need a filter, aerator or a heater in aquarium?

You might be a new aquarist, & you might want to keep Killifish in your newly setup aquarium? So, you might be thinking about the requirement of Killifish, & you might want to know if a filter, heater or an aerator is required in your aquarium?

Do Killifish require filter, aerator or heater in tank
Do Killifish require a filter, aerator or a heater in tank?

Killifish do not need a filter, & an aerator but a heater is required:

We have answered your questions in this article. Killifish are recommended for beginners because they are tough & can survive in hard conditions. They have low requirements so an aerator & a filter is not required, but yes, they do need a heater because they ideally need warm water.


Killifish can be kept without a filter in aquarium:

Killifish do not like water current in their aquarium. One of the main tasks of a filter is to move water so that fish can do exercise by moving against the water current but for Killifish no to little water current is recommended. However, for removing fish poop, & other rubbish from the fish tank, a filter is recommended. If the rubbish is left for a long period, then it releases dangerous chemicals that can kill your fish. Therefore, a mechanical filter media has a job to collect the rubbish, & biological media inside the filter can take care of the dangerous chemicals. However, if you are willing to do a 30 percent water change on a weekly basis, then a filter is not essential. Siphoning the substrate is very important when doing a water change so that all the trash over the substrate is removed from the water.


Aquatic plants can replace an aerator in Killifish aquarium:

If you keep many aquatic plants in your fish tank, then you can avoid an aerator because plants can oxygenate water & absorb CO2. Killifish needs oxygen in the water so aquatic plants can do an amazing job of adding oxygen in the presence of light. Another benefit of live plants is that they can filter water & absorb all the chemical impurities released from the decaying matter such as fish trash, uneaten food & other debris.


Which aerator is suitable for the Killifish?

If you want to keep an aerator in your Killifish aquarium, then my advice would be to keep an air pump & an air stone or use a sponge filter because it uses an air pump for operation. These bubbles will go up to hit the water surface where gas exchange will take place. During surface agitation, oxygen is added to the water & CO2 is removed.

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