How to choose the right size (GPH) wavemaker for your aquarium:

Mimicking the wild habitat of fish inside a fish tank is important. If you want to produce water movement, you need a device that generates current. Usually, aquarists use a powerhead for producing water current but a wavemaker is better than a powerhead because waves produced by wavemaker spread out & mimic the natural sea currents. A wave maker circulates water better than a powerhead & it is more power efficient than a powerhead.

Most 40-gallon fish tanks are 3 to 4 feet in length. For that size of fish tank, a 20 to 30X turnover rate is optimum which is based on the rule of thumb. Either choose one wavemaker that produces 800 to 1200 GPH or install 2 wavemakers that produce 400 to 600 GPH alone.

How to choose right size (GPH) wavemaker for aquarium?
How to choose right size (GPH) wavemaker for aquarium?

How to setup one or two wavemakers in aquarium:

Setting up a wavemaker is easy. Setup your wavemaker on the same side of the aquarium where you have installed the filter. If you have your filter on the bottom right side, then setup your wavemaker on the top right side & position its head towards the top left side. It will push water current from right to top left side. A second wavemaker will suck water released by first wavemaker & will push it towards the right side that will circulate water & will force debris to leave the substrate that will be trapped by the filter.

If you have another wavemaker, then set it up on the bottom left side of the tank. First wavemaker will push water from right to top left side. When water hits the left side, it will move down, then the second wavemaker will collect water & push it from bottom left towards the right side. It will circulate water in the whole fish tank.


Benefits of wavemaker in aquarium:

Water movement helps live rocks, corals & aquarium plants in getting food. Also, it assists fish to remain active by swimming against the water movement. Swimming against the flow melts the fatty mass around the liver & heart of the fish.

Wavemakers are used for cleaning the aquarium because it helps detritus to leave the substrate & they are trapped by filter due to its strong water circulation. Either you can setup one wavemaker or 2 for optimum water circulation. It is important to position the wavemaker towards the water surface for breaking the surface tension that will release CO2 & add atmospheric oxygen in the water.

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