Top Benefits of Aquarium Wave Maker (Pros and Cons):

Fish keepers think that high water current could uproot their aquatic plants, & could reduce their growth. They believe that strong waves are dangerous for small species. But the pros of using a fish tank wavemaker are higher than its cons.

Aquarium wave makers are used for generating currents in the water that increase water flow. It can circulate water in the aquarium. Lack of water circulation will help in the growth of poisonous substances in the water. Check out pros and cons of using aquarium wave maker:

Benefits / Pros of Aquarium Wave Maker:

Wavemakers offer a natural habitat inside your aquarium. Water in the rivers is constantly moving, & you can replicate the wild habitat of fish inside your fish tank with the help of a wavemaker.

Natural environment makes fish healthier & stronger. Fish love moving against water flow, & they like water moving around them.

Lack of water movement in some parts of the aquarium make them less aerated as compared to other parts. Wavemakers can circulate water, & increase oxygen throughout the aquarium.

Lack of water movement can form dead spots that make it easy for debris to gather & form sludge. Wavemakers are used to remove dead spots from the aquarium with its strong water circulation.

Using a wavemaker can make it easy for the filter to collect fish poop, remaining food & other detritus. It can force debris to leave aquarium substrate with its strong water circulation, & debris & other solid impurities are trapped inside the filter.

There could be locations in your fish tank with reduced water flow. Especially in large aquariums, this issue is common. It is hard for aquarium filter to clean that part of the fish tank, & your aquarium inhabitants might not like that area. This area will be less oxygenated which could make it toxic for the life of inhabitants. Wavemakers can be used to solve this problem with proper water circulation.

In saltwater tanks, wave makers are used to feed corals and invertebrates.

Installing an aquarium wavemaker will assist you to simply clean, & siphon leftover food & debris from the fish tank.


Disadvantages / Cons of Aquarium Wave Maker:

The main problem of wave makers is that they cause strong water movement inside your fish tank, & it could blow away small fish. Avoid using a very strong wavemaker or adjust your wave maker settings to have lower water movement.

If your aquarium fish are healthy, then they can swim against water movement. If there is high current in your fish tank, then it could stress small fish or others that do not like high water current. Choose a wave maker that suits your aquarium needs.

Guppy & other small fish can’t move against water current. Guppies & other fish that live in lakes, ponds or rivers with slow water movement don’t like high water flow inside aquariums.

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