Top Pros and Cons of Aquarium Decorations and Fish Tank Ornaments:

Aquarists often think that live plants are better than artificial plants because they can filter aquarium water & offer a natural appearance to the aquarium. Artificial plants have their own pros like they do not need aquarium lights. If live plants are not pruned on time, they will grow abruptly & give a jungle like appearance to the aquarium. On the other hand, artificial plants do not need trimming as they always look attractive. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between artificial plants & live plants. I think that in certain situations, artificial stuff is better than natural, but they have their own drawbacks that we have addressed in this article. Check out top pros and cons of aquarium decorations & fish tank ornaments below:

Top Pros of Aquarium Decorations & Ornaments:

Aquarium decorations have many advantages, but I have discussed 6 best pros of fish tank decorations & ornaments below:


1. Add Beauty to the Aquarium:

Decorations such as artificial plants beautify your fish tank & offer a colorful look to the overall aquarium. They don’t have any special requirements, & are not affected by aquarium water parameters & water quality. They will not die or break that makes them tough.


2. Easy to Clean:

It is easy to clean your decorations such as structures or artificial plants. You can take them out of the aquarium & use a brush for scrubbing the ornaments. Then put them in a bleach solution & gently wash them, & put them back in the aquarium.


3. Inexpensive:

You only need to pay one time to buy the ornaments, then use them for a long time. Fake plants do not need tank lights or any other equipment so they do not raise electricity bills.


4. Instant Result:

Decorations & artificial plants can instantly improve the look of your fish tank. After buying the ornament, it requires cleaning, & then you can set it up at the right place in your fish tank.


5. Safe to Use:

Decorations can be safely used in the aquarium. They do not foul water or decay overtime. They are long lasting & do not affect water parameters. They do not carry pests & parasites, & never decompose. They are not dangerous for the fish & shrimps.


6. Maintenance is Not Required:

Decorations such as artificial plants do not need pruning. Also, there is no need to look after them, & they do not need tank lights.


Cons of Aquarium Decorations & Ornaments:

Despite many advantages of aquarium decorations, there are a few cons of artificial stuff too:


1. Artificial Plants Can’t Filter Dirty Water:

Artificial plants can’t filter dirty water from aquariums. Fish waste & other decaying matter releases ammonia, & live plants wipe them out. Artificial plants can’t clean aquarium water, & this is the main drawback because they do not improve water quality.


2. Artificial Plants Can’t Propagate:

If you add a few live plants to the aquarium, then they will start breeding & you can replant the surplus plants & soon your aquarium will be full of live plants. However, Artificial plants do not propagate & hence their numbers do not increase.


3. Artificial Plants Can’t Oxygenate Water:

Fish absorb oxygen & release carbon dioxide while live plants absorb carbon dioxide & release oxygen in the presence of lights for photosynthesis. Live plants also absorb fish waste, & improve water quality so provide a clean environment for the fish. Live plants develop the perfect ecosystem with fish. However, artificial plants can’t develop an ecosystem with aquarium inhabitants.


4. Decorations Can Scratch Fish:

Sharp edges of rocks & artificial plants can scratch your fish. Low quality decorations can hurt your fish.


5. Low Quality Ornaments Can Foul Water:

If you introduce a low-quality ornament to the aquarium, then paint can flake off ornament & pollute water.

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