Review and Benefits of Kessil Spectral Controller (Light Settings that Mimic Day / Night Pattern):

Kessil spectral controller uses a touch control & it has a bright color screen, which makes it simple to control your aquarium lights. It is simple to customize the light settings to mimic the natural sun pattern. It has a sleek design which makes the installation very simple, & it has a bigger advantage beyond just controlling the light spectrum.

Kessil spectral controller lets users control multiple lights with one output. It is possible to use different programs for separate groups. It offers a 2-way communication, which means that it can detect the no. of lights connected to the network, status of lights & more.


How is the Kessil Spectral Controller Beneficial for Fish & Corals?

Before I used the Kessil spectral controller, I was using a timer for automatically turning on & off the lights. After using the Kessil light controller, I came to know that it is very simple to mimic the natural day / light cycle, & the intensity & spectrum of lights can be adjusted automatically. Fish like the natural change of intensity of lights at different parts of the day, & corals have a response to natural light schedule.

It is simple to install the Kessil LED light remote, its use is simple, & its programming is very easy. The Kessil spectral controller works with Kessil lights.

Review and Benefits of Kessil Spectral Controller
Review and Benefits of Kessil Spectral Controller

Night Mode Saves Power:

Night mode really cuts the electricity bill. It mimics the natural moon light at night. Fish love Kessil lights & corals respond much better in scheduled light programs.


What Other Reviewers say about the Kessil Spectral Controller?

Reviewers say that it is easy to understand the Kessil light controller, including setting up, & adjusting the sunlight intensity & spectrum pattern. They like the sleek & professional design of the Kessil light controller. They say that the Kessil light controller is worth its price, & it has made their life very simple.

Light intensity increases naturally from the morning till the afternoon, & then reduces slowly till the day ends.

Reviewers say that the Kessil spectral controller has made their job easier by automatically scheduling the natural intensity of light & its night mode is brilliant because bottom dwelling fish love swimming in the availability of moon light at night. It is easy to mimic the light intensity & spectrum pattern to resemble the natural sun & moon.

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