How to Setup 1 or 2 Aquarium Wave Makers with 1 or 2 Filters?

A wavemaker is a very useful product as it removes the dead spots in your aquarium because it circulates water throughout the fish tank. Water in the aquarium remains at uniform temperature with proper water circulation. It is recommended to adjust the position of the wave maker towards the surface of water for proper circulation of water in the entire tank.

Powerheads are beneficial for aquariums as it circulates water but wave makers are better because it can cause waves that spread out & provide better circulation of aquarium water than powerheads.

How to Setup Fish Tank Wavemaker & Filter
How to Setup Fish Tank Wavemaker & Filter

How to Setup Aquarium Wave Maker:

The outflow position of a wave maker should be from the middle to the upper part of the fish tank & do not position it towards the gravels because it will blow them away due to its high current waves.

If you have one wave maker & one filter in your fish tank, then position the wave maker towards the water surface. It will add fresh oxygen in the water, & remove CO2 due to surface agitation.


How to Install One Wave Maker & One Aquarium Filter:

It is recommended to setup your wave maker on the same side of the tank where your filter inlet valve is located. If you have setup your aquarium filter on the right side of the tank, then setup your wavemaker at the top right. It will produce waves from the right towards the top left side, & will suck water from the left side of the fish tank. Sucking water will also force fish waste & other detritus to leave the gravels & they will be collected by the filter. This way it will circulate water in the entire fish tank.


How to Install One Aquarium Filter & Two Wave Makers:

If you want to add another wavemaker to the same aquarium, then set it up on the bottom left side. Water is pushed by the first wavemaker from the right towards the left. After water hits the left end, it will go down, & then the second wavemaker will collect water & will force it back from the bottom left to the right side. Hence water is circulated throughout the aquarium.


How to Setup Two Wave Makers & Two Aquarium Filters:

If you have two filters in the aquarium, & each of the filters are setup on the opposite sides of the aquarium. If you have two wave makers, then setup each wave maker on the opposite sides. One wave maker should be setup at the top while another at the bottom. It is to ensure that each wave maker is pushing water in the same direction as the filter setup at the same side. It will help circulate water in the entire aquarium.

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