Does aquarium bio media: plastic bio balls need replacement?

Plastic bio balls do not need replacement. They offer a large surface for the growth of colonization of good bacteria. If you replace your plastic bio balls, then heaps of beneficial bacteria will be lost too. Bio balls offer a place where good bacteria can live that is responsible for removing harmful compounds from the aquarium water.

There is no need to replace bio balls unless they are very dirty, & there are signs of falling apart. If you replace your old bio balls with fresh balls, then it could be dangerous for the water chemistry because fresh bio balls will need up to 2 weeks for the growth of good bacteria. Bio balls are just a media that offers space for beneficial bacteria to grow. The advantage of bio balls is that they have an open structure pattern where heaps of useful bacteria can colonize. If you split the bio balls in half, then you will find a sponge inside that offers more surface where more useful bacteria can live. Sponge filters are very good for biological filtration. Even though sponge filters usually do not carry any bio media, the large surface of the sponge is a home for good bacteria.

Why are plastic bio balls better than other bio media?

The advantage of bio balls over other bio media such as ceramic noodles is that the former is more efficient in biological filtration than the latter. Another big advantage of bio balls over ceramic noodles is that the former does not need replacement & if bio balls catch dirt, then it is recommended to clean them with aquarium water. Do not scrub bio balls while cleaning them because lots of beneficial bacteria will be lost. Also do not use detergent or soap for cleaning bio balls. Just rinse bio balls with aquarium water & avoid using tap water because tap water contains chlorine that will kill all good bacteria that your bio balls have accumulated. The best way of cleaning bio balls is to wash them with fish tank water in a container until the water gets cloudy. Keep washing them until bio balls stop releasing yucky water.



Bio balls do not need replacement, & they can work for a lifetime if properly cared for.

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