Pros and Cons of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter: What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of QANVEE LH-600 Filter?

Fluidized moving bed filter works when you connect it to an air pump via an air tube. Water from the aquarium will enter the filter through the sponge. Sponge will stop fish fries & shrimps from entering the filter intake. Sponge will stop all large waste particles from entering the filter & only allow clean water to enter the biological filtration media. QANVEE LH-600 uses K1 media for removal of dangerous ammonia & nitrites from the water. However, it can’t remove nitrates from the aquarium water.

Benefits of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter
Benefits of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter

Pros / Advantages of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter:

  • Fluidized moving bed filters clean water quickly & efficiently.
  • Using an air stone, water is oxygenated. It moves the media inside the filter along with enhancing the production of nitrifying bacteria that can be used for fast cleaning of dangerous chemicals in the water. Air stone is used for quiet operation & enhancing the number of air bubbles.
  • Fluidized moving bed filters are cheaper than ordinary filters which makes them a nice addition to a heavily stocked fish tank.
  • Self-cleaning filter media is used inside fluidized moving bed filters that constantly move around & rub each other that lets the most effective bacteria to survive.
  • It is very easy to remove the sponge for cleaning.
  • Fluidized moving bed filters are easy to maintain because there is no need to clean the media due to its self-cleaning feature. Also filter media does not need replacement.
  • K1 media will start floating in the beginning but in a few days, it will begin tumbling.
  • It is nice to watch the K1 media banging with each other continuously & when it hits each other, the old bacteria are destroyed, & new bacteria that can absorb ammonia & nitrites builds up on the media.
  • Filter media does not need replacement or cleaning because fluidized moving bed filters use self-cleaning filter media.
  • It is easy to disassemble the filter & remove the sponge for cleaning. QANVEE LH-600 comes with an extra sponge.
  • Fluidized moving bed filters have an easy design, & it works fine in many tanks. It offers a 1-year warranty.
  • It is a perfect filter for big aquariums or if you have too many fish in the fish tank. With fluidizing or suspending its fine-grained media in a column of water, their surface area & contact time is enhanced tremendously for fast cleaning of water.

Pros and Cons of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter
Pros and Cons of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter

Cons / Disadvantages of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter:

  • Many people think that this filter hinders the surface agitation because they can’t remove carbon dioxide content, so they can’t add oxygen in the water, & good bacteria will wipe out some of the oxygen. An air stone is required in the main system to solve this issue.
  • In case power is off for a long period of time, dangerous chemicals will be released back in the water as the filter media compacts at the bottom, so make sure you disconnect the filter & lightly wash the media in an aged aquarium water if power fails for a long period of time.
  • Just like other biological filter media, fluidized moving bed filters' media need time to grow good bacteria on them.
  • Do not use a fluidized moving bed filter as the main filter but use it as a secondary filter. It helps in cleaning an aquarium that has many fish, which makes it dirtier than an ordinary aquarium.

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