Unboxing, Setting Up & Reviewing Yescom LED Lighting:

Today’s tutorial is about unboxing & reviewing Yescom LED light. I will use this light in a planted fish tank, & see the effect of LED light on the health of plants & fish, & how fish perform & look? I have seen a massive improvement while using Yescom LED lights over my old tank lights because my aquarium seems very beautiful now, fish are performing well especially during night mode when only blue LEDs are on.


Unboxing Yescom LED Light:

Video below shows how to unbox & setup Yescom LED lights:

Unboxing & setting up Yescom LED Lights

In the box we have Yescom LED Light, an adapter, a manual, as well as 2 expandable brackets.

Unboxing Yescom LED Lights
Unboxing Yescom LED Lights

Color effects, light intensity, & day / night modes can be controlled.

Setup Yescom LED Lights in Aquarium:

End of the brackets sits on the aquarium glass. Insert brackets in both sides of the LED light & slide light in both directions to suit your aquarium length.

Inserting bracket in both sides of Yescom Light
Inserting bracket in both sides of Yescom Light


Position the light by sliding it.

Position the light by sliding it
Position the light by sliding it

Night Mode:

In night mode only blue LEDs are turned on which mimics the natural ocean in dark.

Yescom LED Light Night Mode
Yescom LED Light Night Mode

Day Mode:

In day mode you will see full brightness.

Yescom LED Light Day Mode
Yescom LED Light Day Mode


  • Live plants are flourishing in LED lighting. I have added fish to my planted aquarium now let’s see how LED light affects fish. 
  • Colors of the fish are highly enhanced with LED lighting.


  • Power: 34.5W
  • Brightness: 6678 lm
  • Adapter Output: 12 V 3 A
  • 101 cm multi color light which is suitable for 100 – 127 cm aquarium.
  • Full spectrum LED contains 156 bright LEDs with 5 colors.
  • Lifetime: At least 50,000 hours
  • Aluminium Alloy Shell offers high durability & heat dissipation.
  • LED Distribution: White: 132, Blue: 12, Green: 4, Pink: 4 & Red: 4

Comparison of Yescom LED vs Fluorescent lights:

Comparison of Fluorescent vs Yescom Lights
Comparison of Fluorescent vs Yescom Lights

Yescom LED lights are amazing because my fish love it & doing well during a bright sunny day effect when lights are displaying full white spectrum, & during night mode which gives a moon light effect. My old lights do not have a night mode so fish like their new environment especially at night. Live plants are growing well in LED lights & my fish displays bright colors now. Make sure you select the right aquarium lights for your planted fish tanks considering the cost, intensity & more features. I have compared fluorescent vs LED lighting in video at the top, & have captured images too that you can find in this article.

Comparison of Fluorescent vs Yescom Lights
Comparison of Fluorescent vs Yescom Lights

LED lights are better than ordinary lights including T5 & T8. For planted tanks, the best option is LED lights because they need low power & heat emitting from the LED lights is low. They have a long life & normally work for up to 50,000 hours. LED lights in my planted aquarium offer a wider coverage & I can change light intensity using a remote control. Aquarists can select b/w different colors & some light makers offer auto turn on & off feature. You can find the best light for your fish tank depending on the following features:

  1. Spectrum of Light
  2. Strength of Light
  3. Spread of Light

Many aquarists who start a planted aquarium want to know which one is the top light for their planted tank? The answer depends on the type of plants, size & depth of aquarium.

1. Spectrum of Light:

Fish tank lights are available in different spectrums & I think that it does not affect the health & growth of live plants that much. It is based on your choice which spectrum of light you want to choose. If you choose a warm white light then it will offer a yellowish color to your aquarium, & cool white lights will offer bluish appearance to your aquarium. Live plants can grow in any spectrum but ensure that it is not extremely bluish.

White light is the top choice of many aquarists because it simulates the natural light during day time. White light is made of red, green & blue light wavelengths & it is also known as a full light spectrum.

2. Strength of Light:

LED lights consume less energy & offer high brightness. You can also control the light spectrum & intensity of LED lights. They are able to simulate real sunrise & sunset. Many new aquarists have the problem of too much growth of algae when they use a high intensity light so the best option to lower algae growth is by lowering the intensity of LED lights.


3. Spread of Light:

Another crucial aspect is how much light spreads in the tank. Most of the tank lights miss out live plants that are not directly placed below the light. Light is required for the photosynthesis of the plants so most of the plants should receive direct light for growth.

Enhancing the light intensity will help in hitting all or most of the aquarium plants in the aquarium.



If you have live plants with low to medium light requirements then it won’t need a high intensity light. So, it is very important to do a web research about the light requirements for the plants that you have before purchasing lights for your aquarium. Also, measure your aquarium dimensions before choosing the light. Choose multiple sources of lights for a larger aquarium.

Yescom LED lights are better for aquariums when compared to fluorescent because they have low power consumption, offer a variety of spectrums, adjust the size of your aquarium & meet the requirements of live plants. They have a better light intensity than ordinary lights that enhance the light coverage.

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