Oscar Fish Aquarium Setup, Filter, Diet & Spawning:

Oscar fish are known for their aggression. Oscars are attractive fish because they have a diversity of colors, & they are quite intelligent. They arrange their own tank. However, Oscars are not recommended for beginners because they are quite sensitive to poor water conditions.


Oscar Fish Spawning Tank Setup:

Oscar fish need big aquariums. They need at least a 55-gallon aquarium, but if you offer a larger aquarium then it would provide enough space for the fish to swim. Go for a 100 or more-gallon aquarium if you want to keep this fish happy. If you are keeping 2 Oscars then I would suggest you choose a 150-gallon aquarium.

It is very important to provide a stable aquarium for Oscars, because alteration to water parameters could be a problem for them. If your aquarium water, pH & temperature changes then it will stress your Oscars. Your Oscar could get ill if it is living in stress.

Oscar Fish Breeding Aquarium Setup
Oscar Fish Breeding Aquarium Setup

Problems with Oscar Fish Tank:

Oscars are very sensitive to toxic chemicals present in the water. Fish waste releases ammonia, & filters break them down to nitrites & nitrates. Nitrites are less dangerous than ammonia, & nitrates are less dangerous than nitrites. Oscar fish produces too much waste that releases lots of ammonia byproducts. Make sure that your aquarium water is free of ammonia & nitrites using a quality filter. Keep levels of nitrates in control using bio media that can wipe out nitrates too. Frequent water changes is another method of taking out nitrates from the aquarium water.

Cycle your aquarium before adding Oscar or any other fish to it. Cycled aquariums have heaps of good bacteria that are used for breaking down ammonia into nitrites & nitrates.

Oscar produces lots of poop so it is advisable to frequently change your aquarium water. A partial change is recommended. Change partial water once or twice a week to keep nitrates levels in control.

In this video I will show you how to setup an Oscar fish tank:

How to setup an Oscar Fish Tank

Ideal Filter for Oscar Fish Breeding Tank:

A canister filter is recommended for Oscar tank. Use a sponge at the filter intake to stop the filter from sucking fries. Babies can scrape off the leftover food from the sponge. Canister filters are ideal for large aquariums. Canister filters are located outside aquariums. They clean water efficiently & they are able to draw large volumes of water from the aquarium. They are efficient because they draw lots of water & stop ammonia from building up inside your aquarium. Canister filters have baskets for storing mechanical, biological & chemical media. Certain bio media such as ceramic rings can wipe out nitrates along with ammonia & nitrites from the water. It is very important to add heaps of bio media, & three different types of foams for cleaning water.


Mechanical Filtration:

Mechanical filtration media will collect solid waste particles, leftover food, dirt & other debris from the aquarium water. It mostly contains three types of foams: coarse, medium & fine. Coarse foam can stop all large particles while medium & fine foams are used for collecting smaller particles. Coarse foam should be installed before medium & fine foam.


Biological Filtration:

Bio media are used for building up nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria for the removal of toxic chemicals. Some bio media allows heaps of nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria to grow on its surface. Nitrifying bacteria needs a surface to cling to while denitrifying bacteria lives inside oxygen free surfaces such as tiny little pores of the bio media where air can’t enter. Nitrifying bacteria breaks down ammonia into nitrites & nitrates. While denitrifying bacteria wipes out nitrates from the water.

Oscar Fish Tank Setup, Diet & Spawning
Oscar Fish Tank Setup, Diet & Spawning

Oscar Fish Diet:

Offer food to your Oscars daily but do not overfeed them. Oscars like eating almost anything that you offer because they are omnivores. Feed them daily for better growth. They like eating insects & crustaceans. They do not feed on fish. Even if they feed on fish, but still, it is still a small portion of their diet & they like eating catfish in the wild.

Do not keep catfish in Oscar fish aquarium because they might eat them.


Best Food that Enhances Oscar’s Lifespan & Growth:

If you offer better food then it will enhance their lifespan & improve their immunity.

Offer them diets including crayfish, insects & worms, along with fresh fruits & vegetables that have high Vitamin C.

Oscar likes eating algae & live plants as well as dried diets.

Offer them dry foods as well as quality cichlids pellets that contain nutrients, protein & vitamins required by Oscars.


How to Feed your Oscar Fish:

Offer food to your Oscars only once a day.

Just feed your Oscars what they can eat in around 2 to 3 minutes once a day. Feed them at the same time everyday so they are not very hungry.


Do Not Overfeed your Oscar Fish:

Overfeeding Oscars could cause multiple issues such as constipation.

If you offer live diets to your Oscars then it will enhance their immunity & life span, but live foods could cause illnesses too.


Oscar Fish Breeding:

Oscar fish lay eggs, & majority of them consume their first & second eggs. Females start producing eggs after 2 to 3 days of mating, & deposit bunches of 100 eggs & they lay 1000 eggs in a few days.


Time Period for Oscar Babies to hatch from Eggs:

After laying the eggs, babies are hatched in a period of 3 days. Fertilized eggs will have a light brown color. Unfertilized eggs are white. After the birth of babies, setup a breeder box & keep the fries inside it so that they could survive & are not eaten up by adult Oscars.


Keep Oscar Fries in a Separate Aquarium:

Fries will grow well & will have higher chances of endurance if you keep them in a new aquarium or a breeder box. But arrange another tank for the fries as they grow up because they will need more space. Little Oscars fries have the same size as other tropical fish fries but they will quickly raise & can reach the final size of 1 foot. Females lay eggs from 1000 to 2000 on clean rocks.


How to Differentiate between a Male & a Female Oscar Fish:

There is no way to differentiate between male & females Oscar fish. Both of them seem similar & there is no difference in their size or length, but you can still find the gender of Oscar by examining the appearance of genital papillae which is located around their anal opening. Female Oscars have a blunt & wide-mouthed genital papillae.


Mating Process of Oscars:

You can observe the mating process of Oscar couples as they nip, follow each other, relocate sand by picking them in their mouth. After mating, they setup a region for laying eggs.

Oscars start mating when they are at least 2 years older. The simplest way to mate your Oscars is to buy a pair from the fish store that are pre-mated.

Another good choice is to buy several young Oscars. Take care of them until they reach adulthood, & they will choose their couple on their own.


Signs of Oscar Breeding:

Oscar couple cleaning a flat surface is the earliest sign of spawning.


How to Encourage Spawning in Oscars:

If you want to encourage your Oscars to spawn, they offer them different foods, & change partial water twice a week.

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