How to build a free rock cave in a fish tank:

Rock caves are very beautiful & they offer hiding places for the fish. The structure built using rocks looks nice & it has a large hole in the middle that allows fish to swim through. A rock cave will relieve fish stress, & they will live healthy & happy in your aquarium.

Video tutorial will help you in making a free rock cave that has multiple advantages in an aquarium.

How to construct a free rock structure in an aquarium

Step 1: Where to find rocks:

Create a free rock cave by collecting rocks & build a tall structure by putting one rock on top of another. These rocks can be discovered around rivers, lakes, & reservoirs. Do not visit industrial regions for collecting rocks because they release contaminated water that can contaminate rocks / slates that you gather from these areas. Toxic chemicals released from industries could contaminate the surrounding areas, & rocks from these regions could be toxic to the health of fish even if you wash them.


Step 2: I gathered rocks for my aquarium from a reservoir:

I collected every rock from a reservoir & constructed a rock cave for a fish tank or pond. I left all rocks behind after shooting the video tutorial because I do not want to build a cave in my aquarium. In this tutorial I have shown you how to build a rock structure using free rocks that will help your fish to swim through the cave & hide behind it.


Step 3: Time to boil dirty rocks before keeping them in the aquarium:

Clean dirty rocks before keeping them in an aquarium

When you choose the rocks & build a temporary structure then it is time to boil rocks before keeping them in the fish tank. If your rocks are polluted or they have collected germs & dirt then boiling will clean them. Another way of cleaning the rocks is to use hot water for rinsing the rocks, & use a brush or scrubber for wiping out every impurity. Repeat the process of cleaning your rocks until your rocks are clean. Do not use detergent or soap for cleaning your rocks because they are toxic to the health of fish.


Step 4: Build a rock cave for an aquarium:

How to make a free rock cave in an aquarium
How to make a free rock structure in a fish tank

Finally, setup a rock cave inside your fish tank. Again, build the cave that you had built earlier but ensure it is strong enough. After completion of the rock cave, it is time to watch how your fish react to it. Fish could get scared when you introduce something to the fish tank but they will like it & play with it later. If your rock cave has multiple hiding spots then it is good for the health & mood of the fish.


Benefits of a free rock cave in an aquarium:

  • Fish can use rock caves for hiding from predators.
  • Rock cave is a very good settlement of fish & fish can use them for resting.
  • Fish can use rock caves for laying their eggs.
  • Fish will use them as a temporarily hiding place when they sense danger.
  • Rocks are obtained for free so they do not cost you anything.
  • You can use rocks to make many caves in the same structure.
  • Rocks are hardy & can be used for a lifetime.
  • They are aesthetically appealing & fish play with them.
  • Fries use rock caves for hiding from adult fish that increase their chance of survival.
  • You can attach live plants to the rocks such as java fern to add greenery to them.
  • There is no need to buy decorations for your aquarium if you have built structures from free rocks.

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