Benefits of Hang on Back HOB aquarium filter (Pros and cons):

The hang on back HOB filter needs low maintenance, & it is one of the best filters for small to medium sized aquariums. They can work reliably for a longer period of time without any issues. Both experts & new aquarists use this filter.

It hangs on the rear wall of your aquarium & it isn’t visible.

HOB is an external filter because it is located outside water. Another name of HOB filter is backpack filter because every component of this filter is packed inside a case.

An intake pipe delivers water from the aquarium to the HOB.

A sponge or foam is used inside the HOB that traps physical waste & allows water to enter the biological filtration chamber.

Clean water flows back to the aquarium. Free fall of water from the filter disturbs the aquarium water surface which produces oxygen.

Another name for free fall water is waterfall method.

Benefits of Hang on Back HOB aquarium filter
Benefits of Hang on Back HOB aquarium filter

Pros of Hang on Back (HOB) aquarium filter:

Have a look at benefits of Hang on Back (HOB) aquarium filter:

  • HOB filters need simple maintenance & you don’t have to put your arm in water for maintenance because this filter is located outside water.
  • The Hang on Back filter is located at the back of the tank so it is hidden.
  • HOB filters are cheap
  • You can simply setup this filter
  • This filter usually gives you a warranty
  • You can simply alter / replace the filter media. Some of them are highly customizable like canister filters.
  • Some of them offer enough space for storing large amount of filter media but the available space is less than a canister filter
  • HOB filters are extremely comfortable
  • The water flow can be adjusted that alters the water circulation.
  • Hang on Back filter carries mechanical, chemical & biological filter media.
  • It can clean water more efficiently than a sponge filter because a fine foam can be installed in the filter along with a coarse foam for trapping very little particles.


Cons of Hang on Back (HOB) aquarium filter:

Check out disadvantages of Hang on Back (HOB) aquarium filter:

  • Intake tubes usually have a large hole for extracting water from aquariums which might suck little fish. A pre sponge filter is required to stop small fish from entering the filter intake tube.
  • Usually, HOB filters are smaller in size so it can’t provide enough space for storing filter media.
  • Baskets of this filter are smaller than a canister filter.
  • If you have too many fish in the aquarium, then the filter will need frequent maintenance.
  • Not everybody likes the sound of a waterfall. Raise your aquarium water level to lower the noise.
  • Some Hang on Back filters have intake & outtake tubes located very close to each other. Hence it can’t clean water efficiently because the intake hose is directly under the spill-way & it is extracting lots of clean water coming back from the filter.
  • Hang on Back filters are not very powerful like canister filters.
  • Water hits air on its way back to the fish tank, that causes the air to evaporate, so you need to add water frequently.
  • Hang on Back filters leave your tank open so fish can jump out.

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