Is Vaseline Dangerous for Aquarium Fish / Can I use 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly to Fix Aquarium Filters:

Vaseline is a 100% pure petroleum jelly & it offers skin relief & cures small cuts. It is a number one Dermatologist recommended pure petroleum jelly that can be used in medicines & cosmetics. It can be used to moisturize dry skin giving relief to skin. Those having sensitive skin can use Vaseline for moisturizing it. It can provide relief against cuts & burns.

Vaseline was first discovered in 1859 by Robert Augustus Chesebrough, & he named it Vaseline.

It covers skin with a water-protective seal. Your skin cures & get moisture when it is covered with a Vaseline layer.

Petroleum Jelly is made up of mineral oils & waxes, which creates a semisolid substance which looks very similar to jelly.

Use Vaseline just for external purpose & do not eat it.


Is Vaseline toxic to aquarium fish?

I have seen multiple forum posts & found that experts have used Vaseline in aquarium with no side effects & it is not dangerous for the fish because it is a 100% pure petroleum jelly. Experts use 100% pure petroleum jelly on the impeller shaft to reduce the noise produced by filters. Experts say that there are no side effects of using Vaseline for aquarium use & it is not dangerous for the fish because you can use 100% petroleum jelly in aquarium water. Experts claim that tank water will not be cloudy or waxy, & fish will be fine after using Vaseline.

In some forum posts, I found that Vaseline is not dangerous for the fish if it is used in little amount. Aquarists wrote that Vaseline is ‘immiscible’, & it means that it does not dissolve much in water. It is still soluble in water so it can be dangerous for the fish. But using it in little amounts can be relatively safe for tank use. If Vaseline is used in mass amount then it could slick your water. If it is used in small amounts then it can help increase your filter lifespan. Vaseline can work for a longer period of time because it is not very soluble in water.

Silicone Grease can be used instead of Vaseline. Experts think that Silicone Grease is not dangerous for the fish & there are no side effects of using it. It is able to stay where you add it for a long period of time. It can be used on impellers, reactors & gaskets. Silicone products are safe for aquarium use. Silicone Glue is used in the making of the aquarium, & aquarium glass are joined together with silicone sealant so there are absolutely no side-effects of using silicone.


What is the difference b/w Vaseline & Petroleum Jelly?

The original name of Petroleum Jelly is Vaseline. It was discovered by Robert Augustus Chesebrough in 1859, & he named it Vaseline. There is actually no difference b/w the two. Both of them can be used safely for external purposes & can help recover the wounds & can soften your dry skin. Make sure you read the label of the product & it must be 100% pure petroleum jelly.  


What are the benefits of Vaseline when it is used in Aquarium:

  • Use Vaseline on noisy or sticking cabinets / drawers of your aquarium stand to lubricate it for moving it smoothly & reducing noise.
  • If your aquarium is located outside then you can lubricate the key hole of aquarium drawer / cabinet to avoid it from freezing. Use a little Vaseline on both key & lock, & then insert key into the lock, & open & close the lock to spread Vaseline inside. The Petroleum jelly will keep extra moisture (which can take ice form) out of the tumbler.
  • If your canister filter is noisy or its flow is reduced then clean the filter because the reason could be that the impeller, shaft & container could be clogged by dirt or debris. The apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the impeller shaft. It can help in increasing flow & lowering noise.
  • 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly can be used on the impeller shaft & O-rings to increase its life. Instead of buying a new filter, you can use Petroleum Jelly to fix them.

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