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Fish seem gorgeous in clean heavily planted aquariums. You can keep decorations, rocks & live plants to provide a natural environment for your fish. If everything is set up correctly then your fish will enjoy the environment & will develop bright colors. If you take good care of your fish then it increases their life span & enhances the immunity of the fish. If your tank water is poor then your fish can get ill & die.

It is always enjoyable to see your freshwater fish roaming around in the tank with same or different fish. Keeping fish together can let you enjoy multiple colors & varieties of fish. Keeping fish in bigger tanks is always a good idea because they have more space to swim, & live happily in tanks with plantation & decorations.

Many hobbyists share their fish tank photos with others on social media. In my free time I have also taken some rare & beautiful pictures of Dwarf Gourami that I would like you to watch, download & set as your desktop background. You can share these pictures with your friends.

Dwarf Gourami is a little brightly colored specie that seems wonderful in freshwater aquariums with other fish. It is a famous fish because of its magnificent blue color & peaceful nature. It can be kept with other fish in the fish tank.

Dwarf Gourami is from India, Bangladesh & Pakistan but most of them are bred in captivity. Their full size is 3 & a half inches, but it can grow to larger sizes in the wild. In tank male fish are usually 3 inches long while females are a bit smaller. You can keep them in a small aquarium because of their small size, but my suggestion is to keep them in a bigger aquarium with other fish.

Dwarf Gourami can live from 4 to 6 years, but with good care, they can survive for an extended period. They have good behavior – unlike ordinary gourami, that can be aggressive. Dwarf Gourami can be kept with other peaceful fish including mollies, platies, tetras & more. Dwarf Gourami needs at least a 15-gallon tank. They usually swim in the mid or higher areas of the fish tank. Do not keep them with big fish that are aggressive in nature. They do not fight back & could die if bullied.

If you are keeping Dwarf Gourami with other fast swimming fish then drop food in a spread-out region so that Dwarf Gourami can eat food before other fish snatch it, because Dwarf Gourami are shy & may take time to pick food.

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