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Many freshwater fish from rivers, & streams have adapted to live in fish tanks. Freshwater fish looks more beautiful in aquariums because you can see them from all sides. It is fun to watch your fish-eating food, hiding in plants, caves or structures, & swimming with each other in schools. Community aquariums are more beautiful because it consists of different colors & varieties of fish. Many people think that having a marine aquarium is best because you can keep beautiful sea creatures but I think that there are many freshwater species that offer a distinct appearance to your tank. You can keep most beautiful, rarest & exotic species in your home tank that provides a stunning look to your aquarium.

In this post I have added some coolest freshwater Discus fish HD wallpapers that you can download & set up as your desktop wallpaper.


Discus Fish 4K Wallpapers:

Discus is native to South America. Because of Discus’s distinctive shape, temperament & bright coloration & patterns, they are one of the most famous freshwater fishes. Discus is an expensive fish because they are hard to keep. They need very low nitrates level which is very difficult to maintain because keeping lower nitrates level need frequent partial water changes. Also keep them in large aquarium because it will lower chances of fast buildup of nitrates.

Discus fish looks pretty in almost any fish tank. You can mix them with other fish & with their own kinds. The body of Discus fish is compressed on the sides. Discus fish seems like a disk, & fins of this fish are large & elegant. They are available in multiple colors such as yellow, white, red, orange, blue, blue & green, brown & black. 

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Discus belongs to cichlid family; however, they are not aggressive like other cichlids. It is known as Discus because its body shape is compressed laterally & almost round resembling a disc. Discus can achieve a length of 5 & a half inch.


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