Australian Native Fish For Your Pond:

Australian native fish consists of a large number of fish that are living healthy in Australian water. They live in fresh to brackish water & can survive in cold temperatures. Most of the fish can survive in ponds & they can withstand tough conditions. They can eat a variety of foods, & would love to eat frozen or live fish food.

Things you need for keeping Australian native fish in ponds:

  • Pond – It has more water as compared to aquarium & more swimming space for larger fish
  • Choose fish food from flakes, frozen to live food
  • Use PH Test kit for water test
  • Filter for cleaning water & housing beneficial bacteria
  • Rocks & pond plants for providing a look of lake. Plants can filter out waste particles & oxygenize water for pond fish.
  • Decorations give a beautiful look to your pond

Watch video below which is about feeding exotic pet fish (Australian Arowana):

Feeding Exotic Pet Fish (Australian Arowana)

Australian Native Fish:

Popular Australian native fish consists of a number of fish living in water of the country including Tandanus Catfish, Rainbowfish, Cod, Saratogas, Gudgeons & more. Smaller fish can be kept in aquariums & you can have a look at our other article: Australian Native Fish For Aquarium.

Golden Eeltail:

Golden Eeltail is also called Hyrtl’s Tandan, & it is from the category of catfish that can be discovered in northern Australia. It is very active & can be kept in ponds with mates ranging from medium to large size. They love to eat live foods & may devour smaller fish so do not mix them up with anything smaller. Not much care is needed & they can eat available food & are able to endure in harsh conditions. They love eating blackworm or worm as treats. They can reach up to 20 cm in size.

River Murray Rainbowfish:

River Murray Rainbowfish is native to Australia. They belong to tropical & subtropical community, but they can survive in warm temperatures but can be kept in lower temperatures too.

They can reach the size of 10 cm, but most of the fish have smaller size. Males are larger than females.

They are harder & can be kept in ponds. They can be a great addition to your pond because they can endure low water temp. but the recommended temp. for this specie is 22 to 26 DC.

River Murray Rainbowfish Price:

Price of River Murray Rainbowfish is roughly around:

Average Size
3-4 cm

Northern Purple Spotted Gudgeons:

Northern Purple Spotted Gudgeons are a wide spread specie, available in different colors & sizes. They love to swallow live or frozen foods, but can eat pellets as well. They can eat smaller fish or hurt fish that have longer fins. They can reach a size of up to 15 cm.

Northern Purple Spotted Gudgeons Price:

Price of Northern Purple Spotted Gudgeons is roughly around:

Average Size
4-7 cm

Silver or Red Scat:

Scats are diverse deep bodied specie, that can be found in coastal regions of northern & eastern part of the country. They are a better addition to your aquarium, & can endure in harsh conditions excluding soft acidic water. They can eat almost any available food & have healthy appetite. They can grow 25 cm or even more.

Silver or Red Scat Price:

Price of Silver or Red Scat is roughly around:

Average Size
6.5 - 9 cm


Barramundi is a wonderful fish due to their elegance & high speed, & they are better community fish. They love to live in pond with a slow continuous flow of water, & temperature & hardness must be constant. They can endure even in a little unclear water. They like to hide under plants & decorative objects present in the pond.

Barramundi Price:

Price of Barramundi is roughly around:

Average Size
3-5 cm
5-7 cm


They require hard alkaline water to remain healthy, & do not keep them in pond with aggressive species such as Cichlids. They can be discovered in limestone country, where water is hard & alkaline. Do not keep them in soft water.

The pH needed for Blackmast is 7.6 – 8.2, normal water hardness is 250 – 400 ppm, & they love to live in salty water. In ponds & aquariums, salt is not needed but still they prefer living in hard alkaline water. They may not live healthy life if condition of water is softer.

Silver Perch:

This specie is longer & slender when young, but with growth Silver Perch are deeper & normally they acquire grey-green color.

People breed Silver Perch in Australia. They can eat normal food such as frozen foods & pellets. They are omnivore & love to swallow a range of foods including shrimps, aquatic insects, & more.

Silver Perch Price:

Price of Silver Perch is roughly around:

Average Size
3-5 cm
5-7 cm
7-10 cm

Sooty Grunter:

A famous angling fish found in northern Australia. They can be a great addition to pond because they are responsive. Hobbyists can simple keep them, but they can be aggressive in nature. They can be kept with other big fish with enough hiding spots. They can reach a size of 45 cm, but commonly then grow to half of maximum size. They love to eat big foods including pellets, yabbies & smaller fish.

Sleepy Cod:

Sleepy Cod is bigger specie of Gudgeon. They love to live in regions where they eat crustaceans & little fish. They are hard & undemanding specie & can be tamed. They love to eat more & can try to eat a fish that is half of their size, so make sure all fish are of same size. They can reach 45 cm, but normally they are smaller in size.

Sleepy Cod Price:

Price of Sleepy Cod is roughly around:

Average Size
5 - 7 cm
7 - 10 cm

Tandanus Catfish:

A famous fish that can tolerate hard conditions of pond. They can grow to a size of 60 cm, but if you are planning to keep them in small space, they are usually smaller in size. Big species can swallow smaller fish.

Even though they can survive in hardy conditions but it is recommended to handle them with care.

Sleepy Cod Price:

Price of Sleepy Cod is roughly around:

Average Size
5 cm

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