Underwater LED Lights & Bubble Wall Effect in Fish Tank:

Submersible LED light is equipped with 7 light colors & it features multiple display modes along with bubble feature. It is able to select a single color or use a combination of different colors. This light works best in both fresh & salt water fish tanks.

Multiple light modes are available that show different colors along with bubble wall effect that changes the look of your aquarium. Fish tanks with colorful LED lights & bubble effect looks fancier & beautiful than tanks with ordinary lights & air stones.

Energy saving effect is available, & it is safer to use this equipment in aquariums & it is not toxic too.

There is an option to use only lights without using bubble feature.

LED lights with bubble effect feature is available in multiple sizes such as 15, 30, & 60 cm in length.

It is specifically designed for underwater, but they can do great in various other applications too. There is an option to alter colors & frequency to suit your favorite lighting effects.

Underwater tank LED lights is the latest technology compared to classic overhead aquarium lights. In this tutorial I will explain how to setup underwater tank lights & also generate a bubble wall effect. Aquarium LED light bar includes suction cups, air tube & a remote control. There are 2 connections in tank lights for air tube so I have cut the supplied tube in center & connected both of the air tubes to the connectors on the light at both ends. The opposite ends of the air tubes are attached to the air pump.

Underwater Aquarium Lights & Bubble Wall Effect In Aquarium

I hope you have enjoyed watching this video & if you want to know something that you don’t understand in this video then ask it in the comment section at the end of this post & we will provide answer ASAP. 

When I switch on the air pump & turn on the lights, it will show a great display. You can turn ON / OFF LED lights using the remote control & different settings used for the lights & colors are chosen through the remote too. It might not seem that amazing in the video tutorial but it looks great when you see with naked eye.

Underwater LED light bar technical features:

  • LED Light Name: Aquarium Light Bar with Bubble Wall Effect
  • Light Bar Length: 102 cm
  • Light Price: AUD $50 to $55

Underwater LED light bar technical features
Underwater LED light bar technical features

Air pump technical features:

  • Air pump: Aqua One (Precision 9500) with 400L/H
  • Pump Price: $30

Air pump technical features
Air pump technical features

Learn how to setup underwater aquarium lights & bubble wall effect in this step by step tutorial:

If you want to install LED lights with some aeration system & the bubble wall effect, then this tutorial is for you. A step by step procedure will let you know how I setup these lights & how efficiently you can install them in your aquarium. 

Step 1: Why I bought LED lights & where to find them:

Underwater LED lights
Underwater LED lights

It is not a DIY project because I found these lights on the Ebay & these lights cost me some 55 bucks & they are 102 cm long. The reason I bought this product is the underwater lights & it distributes more evenly the air bubbles which comes out from the entire length of the light. The product comes with suction cups for attaching the lights to the aquarium.

Step 2: How to setup LED lights in aquarium:

How to setup LED lights in aquarium
How to setup LED lights in aquarium

I have cut the air tube in half & attached one end of the tube to one end of the product & other piece to the other end of the product. Other ends of the air tube are connected to the air pump with a total capacity of 400 liters an hour & it has twin outlets & each outlet can supply 200 liters an hour. 

Step 3: How to control LED lights:

How to control LED lights
How to control LED lights

This is the handy control as I mentioned earlier & it is very easy to use it because it allows me to turn on & off the lights using a remote control. I can use the controls to turn on & off the lights, so I can choose any setting I want. It could be smooth, fade or flashing lights & I can choose any light color, & it looks very amazing in real & it does not look that good in this tutorial. 

Step 4: Other features of LED Lights:

Features of LED lights
Features of LED lights

The lights come with a really handy controls to turn on the lights & turn it off, change the settings, change the light color which I will show you at the end of this tutorial. Also there are additional options available that you can check out yourself.

If I have missed something & to have a better idea about this project, please watch the video.

Pros of underwater LED lights & bubble wall effect in aquarium:

Installing underwater aquarium lights is very simple & there is a manual which can help you how to setup & operate a remote control. Underwater LED lights are inexpensive, reliable, can work for longer periods & do not require changing bulbs. There is another feature which lets you aerate the tank & release bubbles which look beautiful. The lights could be smooth, fade or flashing & I can decide any color I want.

Cons of underwater LED lights & bubble wall effect in aquarium:

You can’t rely on just underwater LED lights because they do not provide sufficient lighting to meet fish requirement. The aquatic live plants also need lighting for growing well & there must be an overhead lighting along with LED. LED lighting can provide a fancy look but cannot satisfy the aquarium needs. Also you will need a powerful pump to generate too many bubbles which will cost extra bucks.

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