Does filter bio media: ceramic rings need replacement?

Ceramic rings allow both nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria to cling to it. Ceramic rings are able to absorb ammonia, nitrites & nitrates. Ordinary bio media only holds nitrifying bacteria that can only consume ammonia & nitrites but ceramic rings can remove nitrates too from the water. This is the main reason why aquarists prefer ceramic rings over other bio media. Ceramic rings also offer large surface area for heaps of good bacteria to grow on them. They have tiny little holes that allow more BB to grow inside them. If pores of the ceramic rings are clogged then it will affect the cleanliness power of the ceramic rings. Waste particles will affect the flow of water through the ceramic noodles & hence will reduce the efficiency of cleaning harmful compounds in the water. For best cleaning, water should flow around & through the ceramic rings because ceramic rings are designed like that. 

Does Filter Bio Media (Ceramic Rings) need Replacement?
Does Filter Bio Media (Ceramic Rings) need Replacement?

A lot of aquarists are wondering if there is a way to clean the ceramic rings & they have been asking this question in Forums. The simple answer is yes but if pores of the ceramic rings are clogged, then it will affect cleaning power, & if holes are fully blocked, then consider replacing your ceramic rings.

How to clean ceramic rings?

If you want to know how to clean ceramic rings, then it is easy. Just take some water from the aquarium in a bucket, & add dirty ceramic rings in the water. Swish the water around the ceramic rings to remove excess debris. The objective of the cleaning process is to remove the additional dirt from the ceramic noodles that are hindering the flow of water through the noodles. Do not scrub the bio media because they will dispose of useful bacteria that have accumulated on the ceramic noodles. Also, avoid using tap water for cleaning because you will lose all useful bacteria due to the fact that tap water contains chlorine & it kills all useful bacteria.



If pores of the ceramic noodles are blocked, then it is time to replace them with new media. Wait for up to 2 weeks if you want fresh BB to grow on the ceramic noodles.

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