Does Jack Dempsey Cichlid need a filter, heater, & aquarium light?

Jack Dempsey are freshwater fish popular for their feisty nature. Despite this, Jack Dempsey fish are known for their striking rainbow-like colours. Jack Dempsey are active & aggressive fish. This is the reason why they are named after the popular American heavyweight boxer Jack Dempsey. Another name of this fish is Jack Dempsey Cichlids.


Does Jack Dempsey fish need a filter in their aquarium?

It is recommended to add a filter in Jack Dempsey aquarium for pristine water quality. Aquarium fish poop in the water, which releases dangerous chemicals. A filter is used to remove the poop, & get rid of all the dangerous chemicals. If water quality is maintained, then your fish will have a longer life span. Poor water quality stresses your fish, & makes them sick.

Change the aquarium water by removing 20 to 30 percent water from the tank every week & it is recommended to wash the filter with aquarium water. If you use tap water for rinsing the filter media, then it will wipe out all the good bacteria growing on it. If your tap water consists of chlorine, then it is recommended to dechlorinate it & wait for a day before adding it to the aquarium.

Does Jack Dempsey fish need filter, heater & light?
Does Jack Dempsey fish need a filter, heater & light?

Does Jack Dempsey Cichlid need a heater in their aquarium?

Before adding the store-bought fish to the aquarium, it is recommended to leave the bag containing fish in the water for around thirty minutes to save fish from sudden temperature change.

For maintaining water temperature b/w 22 & 30 °C, you will need a heater.

Do not keep your aquarium close to the window otherwise your water temperature could rise. Keep your aquarium indoor & in a place where sunlight is not directly hitting the water otherwise you might experience an algae spike.


Does Jack Dempsey Cichlid need a tank light?

Jack Dempsey fish need a light. It is recommended to turn on the light for around 8 to 10 hours a day. Turn off the light at night. You can use a timer instead.

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