How to introduce Guppies to a new fish tank?

We should follow a proper way to shift guppies to a new fish tank. Guppies frequently give birth to fries and they need to be shifted to a new aquarium. 2 things should be kept in mind when introducing guppies to a new aquarium.

  • How to Acclimate Guppies
  • How to Setup Aquarium Conditions for Guppies

How to introduce guppies to a new home?
How to introduce guppies to a new home?

How to Acclimate Guppies?

Before shifting guppy fish from your old aquarium to a new one, you need to prepare your new tank. To introduce guppies to an aquarium, it is recommended to float the plastic bag in the aquarium for about 30 minutes.

During this process, adding a little aquarium water (after every 5 to 10 minutes) in the bag will acclimate to the water chemistry.

Repeat this process until there is a ratio of 50 / 50 of the new aquarium water & the water added to the bag from your old tank.

Do not allow water from the plastic bag to go into your new aquarium. Later, you can safely shift your guppy fish to their new aquarium using a fish net.

How to add Guppies to a new fish tank?
How to add Guppies to a new fish tank?

How to Setup Aquarium Conditions for Guppies:

Guppies prefer warm water, & it is recommended to add a tablespoon of salt for every five gallons of aquarium water. This will keep guppies healthy & happy. In addition, try not to add too many guppies to the aquarium. Keep at least one male for every two female guppies. Keep in mind that guppies breed very fast. They have a shorter life span as compared to other fish. So, have a look at aquarium conditions & tank mates.

Guppy fish are one of the most famous types of freshwater fish & you might think that it is ok to just throw them in an aquarium with other fish. However, do not add other fish that are larger than your guppy fish in the same aquarium.



Acclimating guppy fish to your aquarium needs heaps of time & patience. When guppies are shifted to their new aquarium, it is recommended to take good care of them by offering best water conditions, regular maintenance, adding fresh food, & keeping right mates with your guppies.

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