How to keep beneficial bacteria alive in an aquarium filter?

Fish tanks won’t be safe for aquatic inhabitants if there is no good bacteria. Good bacteria grows naturally everywhere in the aquarium including substrate, rocks, decoration, glass, and inside filters over the bio media. Good bacteria triggers a nitrogen cycle that involves decomposing fish poop, leftover food & other debris into less toxic forms. Ammonia released from detritus is broken down into nitrites, which is further broken down into nitrates. Nitrates are not as dangerous as nitrites, & nitrites are less harmful than ammonia. Fish can live with nitrates in the water. However, if there is too much nitrates, then it is still harmful for the life of fish. Another good bacteria can wipe out even nitrates therefore it completely cleanses water. This bacteria is known as anaerobic bacteria & it grows inside tiny pores of the bio media where oxygen is not present. Without good bacteria, aquarium water is poisonous for the life of fish & other inhabitants.

In a fish tank, aquarists can use special bio media, which easily offers heaps of surface region for the growth of colonies of good bacteria. The bio media consists of ceramic noodles, bio balls, seachem matrix & other types of inert solid substances. Bio media can be setup inside the filters where water easily flows through them, & when colonies of good bacteria build up over the media, the fish tank is biologically balanced. Biological media does not require replacement & will be efficient if they stay wet & the good bacteria is alive.

How do you keep beneficial bacteria alive in aquarium filter?
How do you keep beneficial bacteria alive in an aquarium filter?

How do you keep good bacteria alive inside a fish tank filter?

  • Do not clean bio media with tap water as it contains chlorine & will wipe all the good bacteria that build up over the bio media.
  • Prevent biological media from getting clogged with debris. Clean bio media with aquarium water to remove all the dirt before your bio media is fully clogged. If your bio media is fully clogged then it will need replacement as dirt stuck inside the pores will reduce the surface area, & hence the efficiency of filtration.
  • Keep bio media inside aquarium filters where water is forced to flow through it, & not just around it. Putting bio media after mechanical media such as foam will prevent detritus from clogging the pores of the bio media.
  • Do not let bio media dry out when good bacteria establishes over the media, as it will wipe out all the good bacteria.
  • Bio media takes around two to four weeks or even more to cycle & allow colonies of good bacteria to establish.
  • Do not replace all bio media at the same time as you will lose all good bacteria & your aquarium might require another cycle.

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