What filter bio media offer the best surface area at a cheap price?

For the removal of toxic chemicals from the aquarium water, you will need bio media inside your filter. The higher the surface area of bio media, the more beneficial bacteria it allows to colonize over its surface. One of the best bio media that provide the highest surface area at a cheapest price is pot scrubber.

What bio media offer the best surface area at cheap price?
What bio media offer the best surface area at cheap price?

Pot Scrubbers are long lasting. They never break apart and deteriorate. They don’t clog easily and if they collect debris, you can easily wash them with aquarium water. You can use them for a lifetime. I heard aquarists using pot scrubbers for over 20 years and they still look in good condition.

I bought many pot scrubbers for only $14, & installed them in my large canister filter. The canister filter was not maintained for 6 months, & during that time, the water of my 200 gallon heavily stocked aquarium was crystal clear. I never had any bacteria bloom & cloudiness in my aquarium water. When I opened my canister filter, the water inside the filter was pure. I removed the pot scrubbers that had trapped heaps of debris. I gently rinsed my pot scrubbers with my filter water, & after a few minutes, the scrubbers were cleaned.

Pot scrubbers offer very high surface area. They are made of fine medium that collect all the dirt & let clear water pass through them. They keep the tank cycled & purify water of my overstocked Cichlids aquarium.

Pot scrubbers are better than bio balls because the latter are expensive & do not provide as much surface. Pot scrubbers made me realize that for cleaning a very large aquarium, I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase expensive bio media. As well as, there is no need to replace bio media on a regular basis. Therefore, the best option to save money, time, & to offer crystal clear water is to use pot scrubbers. Pot scrubbers are used for many applications, & one of its main uses is in aquarium filters. You can install pot scrubbers in many different filters such as hang on back, canister filters etc.

The main disadvantage of pot scrubbers is that it can only wipe out ammonia & nitrites from the water leaving behind nitrates.

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