Do We Need Fake Artificial Plants in our Newly Setup Aquarium?

Aquariums look attractive & improves the overall appearance of your living room or office. People are gazed by the appearance of the fish & if aquariums are setup correctly, then they seem very attractive. Many aquarists think that live plants are very beneficial & they are far better than artificial plants. No doubt nature is beautiful but artificial stuff seems attractive too & they do not need any maintenance. Many aquarists keep live plants in the aquarium because they offer a natural look. But if live plants are not trimmed on time, then they will look like a jungle. The problem with aquarium plants is that they grow quickly & frequently need pruning. Artificial plants do not grow & hence do not need any maintenance. Aquarium decorations are very important, & we have been successful in keeping fish in our aquarium because we had added artificial plants to our aquarium. Your newly setup tank will provide the wild habitat for aquarium inhabitants by introducing fake plants. So, we have added 5 top benefits of aquarium fake plants that might change your mind if you are not in favour of introducing artificial stuff to your aquarium.

Do We Need Fake Plants in our Newly Setup Aquarium?
Do We Need Fake Plants in our Newly Setup Aquarium?

Benefits of Aquarium Decorations & Fish Tank Ornaments:

Check out top benefits of aquarium decorations & fish tank ornaments:


1. Maintenance is Not Required:

Artificial plants do not need trimming / pruning. They provide an endless attractiveness without any maintenance. After fixing up an ornament in the proper location, it offers a beautiful appearance to the entire aquarium.


2. Not Dangerous for the Life of Aquarium Inhabitants:

Leaves of live plants may rot & fall. If dead leaves are not collected by the filter on time, then they will decompose & pollute water. When a plant dies in your aquarium, & if it is not removed on time, then it swells & changes the chemistry of water. Water is polluted as dead plants release decaying matter that fouls water & changes water PH. Hence, if you keep artificial plants, then they won’t die & won’t affect water quality.


3. Provide Hiding Spots for Fish & Shrimps:

Artificial plants, decorations or structures offer an abundance of hiding spots for the fish, fries & invertebrates. Fish feel more secure when hiding, while stressed fish are prone to diseases. Adult fish might consider their own babies as food & eat them so babies can hide from their parents & predators in hiding spots. Abundance of artificial plants, decorations & structures make fish happy & less territorial. 


4. Help Fish in Spawning:

Artificial plants, structures or rocks provide a safe place for the fish to lay their eggs & take care of the babies. Artificial plants offer a natural look to the aquarium, & lots of hiding spots make fish more secure & induce them to breed.


5. Fish can’t Eat Artificial Plants:

Some fish like Goldfish & Crayfish have the problem of eating or uprooting live plants. If you have artificial plants in the aquarium, then there is no need to worry about what type of fish you are keeping in the aquarium.

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