Benefits of Planted Aquarium, Aquatic Plants or Aquascape:

Fish & other aquarium inhabitants use live plants as a shelter. Fries use live plants for hiding from adult fish. Stressed fish can hide in the live plants from bullies. Fish, shrimps & fries eat plants.

Live plants reduce the strength of light, making it less harsh for the fish. Reduced light lowers fish stress & they feel more secure. Fish get diseases when they are stressed so live plants save fish from diseases.

Benefits of aquatic plants / planted aquarium
Benefits of aquatic plants / planted aquarium

If you take care of live plants, then they create a wonderful aquascape inside your aquarium. Aquascape gives a natural look to your fish tank. Also, artificial plants give different colours & depth but real plants look more natural & give a better appearance to your aquarium.

Live plants can wipe out toxins released from fish poop, remaining food, & other detritus. Ammonia is released from the waste of fish. Filters break down ammonia into nitrites & further into nitrates. Nitrates are less harmful than nitrites, & nitrites are less harmful than ammonia. Good bacteria can’t remove nitrates from the water & abundance of nitrates is dangerous for the fish. Live plants can wipe out nitrates from the aquarium water that fertilizes the plants. There is no need to add extra fertilizers if you have fish in the aquarium. Live plants & fish help each other & balance the ecosystem.

Live plants encourage fish to breed & many species of fish hide eggs in plants. If you want your fish to breed more often, then live plants help them in developing breeding behaviour. If fish feel safe, then they will develop spawning behaviour. Live plants reduce fish stress by providing hiding spots, & keep water clean which is another way to encourage fish to spawn more often.

Live plants grow very quickly inside aquariums. You can easily trim stem plants, grow them again, & they become a new plant. Some plants grow seeds & you can plant them to grow new plants. It is possible to sell extra plants. Take baby plants to the local pet store & they might give you a discount or a little bonus.

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