How to setup multiple filters in one aquarium for quality water filtration?

An aquarium internal filter is very important for keeping water crystal clear for fish. If you are an aquarist & want to keep your fish happy, then clean water is a necessity. Fish will feel stressed & could become ill if water is dirty. Also, you will be able to see vibrant colors in fish if tank water is clear with filters operating the whole day. Many aquarists choose to buy internal filters due to their quality performance because mostly internal filters have quality sponges that do not clog easily & can offer both mechanical & biological filtration. A submersible filter can operate inside aquarium water using low power.

How does a second filter help your aquarium?

When you want to choose the size of the filter, it is very important to consider what type of filter you need for your fish tank. Many aquarists use external filters.

Water is sucked from the aquarium via a pump. Water channels through an inlet hose, & hits mechanical filter media first, then water free of waste particles flows into the bio media that removes toxins from the water & allows clean water to flow back to the fish tank.

Experts suggest that for external filters, it is important to have a flow rate of 4 to 6 times the volume of your aquarium.

If you choose a smaller second filter, & your main filter breaks, then the back up filter will be inadequate. If you have a 30-gallon aquarium then it is better to choose two 20-gallon filters.

How to setup 2 internal filters in 1 aquarium?
How to setup 2 internal filters in 1 aquarium?

Where to place multiple internal filters?

Setting up filters on the opposite sides would eradicate the possibility of forming dead zones in the aquarium & offer an ideal water circulation. By putting filters next to each other, they will most probably refilter each other’s filtered water.

If you have a 40-gallon aquarium, then it is recommended to have 2 filters rated for at least 30-gallons on the opposite sides or one filter rated for at least 60-gallon on one side. But if you have fish babies in the aquarium, then filter water flow will toss them around. Gentle filtration is best for babies’ tanks instead of high flow filters.

Completely submersible internal filters are ideal if you want to enhance the water movement in a certain region in your fish tank. They can efficiently filter water if your aquarium contains many fish because such high stock aquariums need augmented filtration.

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