How to setup fluidized moving bed filter for an aquarium?

A fluidized moving bed filter is very efficient in cleaning water. It is a large tube that usually consists of sand, silica chips or plastic. It must be connected to an air pump for operation. Water will first pass through the sponge then it will enter biological filter media that will break down the toxic ammonia into less toxic nitrites & nitrates. Fluidized moving bed filters can only hold nitrifying bacteria which means that it can’t remove nitrates from the water.

It has a bottom cover that can be opened by turning. Inside the cover, you will find a sponge & an air stone. This cover along with sponge stops fries from entering the fluidized moving bed filter. Big particles are stopped by the sponge that will otherwise clog the bio media.

An air stone is used inside the filter for enhancing the amount of aeration. A bubble stone is used for enhancing the aeration as well as for driving the movement of the material used in this filter as well as it can increase the production of nitrifying bacteria that will quickly clean the toxic water. Stone is used for working quietly & increasing the amount of air bubbles.

Setting up fluidized moving bed filter for aquarium
Setting up fluidized moving bed filter for aquarium

Benefits of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter:

  • Fluidized moving bed filters use self-cleaning filtration media that continuously move around & rub each other that will allow the healthiest good bacteria to endure.
  • It will help aerate water as well as remove a large number of toxins as compared to other filters.
  • It is simple to take out the sponge that offers extra filtration for trapping physical particles.
  • Fluidized moving bed filter comes with its own media which is like K1 micro. The media will float in the start & will start tumbling in a few days.
  • It is beautiful to see the filter media moving around inside the filter & banging into each other constantly. And when it bangs into each other, the old bacteria are wiped out, & fresh bacteria that is ready to consume ammonia & nitrites grow on the filter media.
  • It is designed for aquariums that have more capacity than 20 gallons. This filter can be used to provide biological filtration for up to 40 gallons of fish tank.
  • Filter media does not need replacement or cleaning because it is using self-cleaning filter media.


Unboxing Fluidized Moving Bed Filter:

Inside the box you can find the following items:

  • Fluidized moving bed filter with the model number: HL-600 Filter
  • Filter media: 1 / 2 bottle
  • Air stone: Installed inside the filter
  • 2 sponges: Only 1 sponge is used inside the filter. Use another sponge as replacement.
  • 4 suction cups: For hanging filters inside aquariums.

The package does not contain an air pump, air tube & check valve.


Dimensions of Fluidized Moving Bed Filter LH-600:

8.8 inches X 3 inches X 4 inches



Finest hard plastic





Setting up fluidized moving bed filter for aquarium:

I am using a fluidized moving bed filter that contains K1 filter media. This tutorial is about: how to setup a fluidized moving bed filter.

Step 1:

It is very simple to setup & disassemble the fluidized moving bed filter & you can simply take it out for maintenance. The advantages of fluidized moving bed filters include its simple design, & it can be used in many aquariums such as turtle aquariums, shrimps’ tanks, fish tanks, as well as ponds. This filter comes with a year warranty.

I am using this filter in my tropical community aquarium. My fluidized moving bed filter contains K1 media & it is operated by an air pump. I am using an aqua one precision 9500 air pump for this project. It has a double outlet with a flow rate of 400 L/H that provides a decent air flow through the filter media. Setting up a fluidized moving bed filter is very easy.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the fluidized moving bed filter, you will find a filter cover. Qanvee LH-600 has a sponge filter at the bottom. Turn the bottom to open it. Inside the cover, a sponge is installed that stops fries from entering the filter intake. An air stone is installed inside this filter that produces lots of bubbles & creates strong suction. Water is sucked from the bottom that flows through the sponge. Sponge stops large physical particles, & water free of solid particles flows through the K1 media that cleans the water. Clean water flows from the top of the filter.


Step 3:

Attach an air pump to the hose. It is mandatory to use the fluidized moving bed filter after soaking it for 1 to 2 hours. It comes with 4 suction cups for simple attachment against the aquarium glass. Select an air pump that is powerful enough based on the aquarium size.

Connect an air tube to Qanvee LH-600 filter
Connect an air tube to Qanvee LH-600 filter

Air tube is connected to the bottom of the filter. Air will pass through the stone that will create bubbles inside the filter. Filter will suck water from the bottom. A sponge will stop fish & fries from entering the filter, & will trap physical solid particles such as fish waste, uneaten food & other debris. Water free of physical particles will enter the biological filter media with high speed, & silica chips or plastic will be constantly pushed up by the water pressure & then they will fall back due to gravity.

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