Is it safe to move fish eggs to a separate aquarium?

There are several factors that waste your fish eggs. Many fish species eat their own eggs or some have difficulty in protecting their eggs from other fish especially if your aquarium is heavily stocked. Eggs might develop fungal or bacterial infections if the parent tank water is not clean. It is always a good idea to setup a small breeding aquarium that contains a small filter with no fish poop or other decaying matter that could pollute water, & move your fish eggs right after they are deposited. New breeders want to know if moving fish eggs are safe or if it could damage them. Also, they want to learn how fish eggs hatch without parental care. The answer is simply, yes moving eggs is safe as aquarists usually move eggs to a small tank where they can look after the eggs & fries. Yes, fish eggs can hatch without parental care.

Is it safe to move fish eggs to separate aquarium?
Is it safe to move fish eggs to a separate aquarium?

How to protect fish eggs from fungal infections?

It is important to understand that bacteria & other fungal infections could damage fish eggs if your aquarium water quality is bad. But these infections might appear even if your aquarium water is clean. So, it is suggested to use mild methylene blue treatment to save the fish eggs from bacterial infections but make sure you do not damage the eggs when handling them.


How to carry fish eggs to a separate fish tank?

Many fish lay their eggs on a stone or a plant leaf. So, you need to carry the rock or cut the small leaf, & move it to its destination. Sponge filters are very important for breeding aquariums because they can clean water efficiently, & they do not suck fries. It is important to do research about your fish & maintain the ideal temperature, pH & water hardness in your breeding aquarium.

Fill the breeding aquarium with water. Maintain the ideal water conditions. Turn on your aquarium filter. Then you can put the leaf or rock that are holding eggs in the breeding tank.


How fish eggs hatch without parental care?

If your fish eggs need fanning, then you can replicate it by connecting an open-ended air line to an air pump that produces water movement to pass over the fish eggs.

If some of the fish eggs develop fungus, then immediately take them out to save the remaining eggs.

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