Breeder box for raising guppy fries & parents in the same fish tank:

I have bought an amazing breeder net for raising guppies & their fries in the same aquarium. It is very easy to setup a breeder box. It comes with a frame & locking legs. Fix the frame & wrap the nylon net around the frame which creates a barrier that avoids fries from escaping the breeder box & stops parents from eating the fries.

Water can flow through the net so the fries will get warm & clean water. Breeder box has more purposes too such as it can allow you to separate an injured fish or keep aside a hostile fish.


How breeder box can save fish fries from the adult fish:

Your fries will have more chances of survival if you keep them separately from their parents. Many fish keepers keep fries & adults in the same aquarium, & they offer too many hiding spots for the fries but still fries are in danger if they are kept with predators in a shared aquarium. If you setup a heavily planted aquarium & add too many structures, rocks & decorations in the aquarium then guppy babies will have more chances of survival but still they are not fully safe from the adult fish. Adult guppies might consider their fries as food & may eat them so it is always a good idea to prepare a separate arrangement. However, if you setup a different tank for the fries then it will need extra maintenance, heater, filter etc. If you want to save money & effort then a wise idea is to keep the guppy fries & adults in a shared aquarium by separating the fries using a breeder net. Guppies need a larger aquarium because they reproduce very quickly & soon your aquarium will have dozens of guppies. Plan for a large tank if you want to keep guppies even though it is a small fish but too many guppies will still need a larger aquarium.

Check out a step-by-step tutorial for keeping babies & adult guppies in a shared fish tank:

Watch below video tutorial if you want to learn how to setup a breeder box:

How to setup a breeder box?

Steps: How to raise guppy fries & parents in a shared fish tank:

It is very easy to raise the guppy fries & parents, & there is no need for any additional maintenance if you own a breeder net. Breeder boxes have multiple sizes & varieties. The one that I have used has a nylon mesh for separating little fries & adult fish. It has a plastic frame & a nylon mesh should be wrapped around the frame for protection. You can setup this breeder box against the aquarium glass using suction cups. Make sure you do not completely submerge the breeder box inside the aquarium water. Keep the top part of the breeder box outside the water level.

In this tutorial I can help you in setting up a breeder box that saves fries from adult guppies by creating a barrier between them.


Step 1: Purchase baby fish food & a breeder box:

When I saw too many guppies in my fish tank, I quickly introduced artificial plants to the fish tank to protect the little ones from their parents. Adult guppies were following the little ones that made me worried that they might eat them. I quickly purchased some food for the fries & a breeder box that will save the babies from predators & will help in raising the babies. Setting up a breeder box is very easy but it took a long time to catch the babies in a fish net. They were very tiny so I could not spot them well plus they were swimming fast. After catching all the fries, I moved them to a breeder box to save their lives.


Step 2: How to setup a breeder box for the fries:

Setup frame of breeder box & wrap it with nylon
Setup frame of breeder box & wrap it with nylon

Take out every frame piece from the package & set them in a box shape. Then use a nylon mesh for covering the box so only water can enter or leave the breeder net. Top of the breeder box is not covered so keep the upper part outside the water surface. This method of separation of fries & adult guppies is very simple, low-cost & does not need extra maintenance. There is no need to cycle another tank, & use another heater & filter. Time to add the breeder box to the aquarium & introduce the fish fries to the breeder box.


Benefits of a breeder box:

It is the best solution to save the life of guppy fries & its eggs from their mother & other fish. You can keep a harmed fish for a short period of time in a breeder net so that the fish can heal before you take it back to the aquarium. There is no need to cycle & setup a new aquarium if you own a breeder box. Breeder net does not need extra maintenance, & it is a cheap method because there is no need to buy an extra filter, & a heater because all of your fish are living in the same aquarium.

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