Differences between Ceramic Rings VS Seachem Matrix: Which Filter Bio Media is Better & Why?

Seachem Matrix offers a large surface area because pumice stone is highly porous, as compared to any other bio media. Pumice stone provides more surface area per volume of filter media as compared to other bio media like Ceramic Rings. More surface area is better because your bio media will house colonies of useful bacteria. Your bio media will be highly effective, & it is the best choice if you have a small filter, & you want to have heaps of surface area. For large filters like Canister & Sumps, aquarists usually add multiple types of bio media. However, for large filters, Seachem Matrix is very useful too as they allow more bacteria to grow over their surface & inside pores.

Filter Bio Media: Seachem Matrix VS Ceramic Rings
Filter Bio Media: Seachem Matrix VS Ceramic Rings

Seachem Matrix are finest & offer more space for useful bacteria than Ceramic Rings:

Many holes in the Seachem Matrix allow anaerobic bacteria to live inside as they remove nitrates from the water. Aerobic bacteria prefers fast moving water to flow over it, however, useful media allow the growth of both aerobic & anaerobic bacteria, as they completely clean water. Aerobic bacteria can wipe out ammonia & nitrites from the water, while anaerobic bacteria wipes out nitrates. Ceramic Rings can also house both aerobic & anaerobic bacteria due to its porous nature. The pores of the pumice stone is finest, & they offer space for more aerobic & anaerobic bacteria as compared to other bio media. Ceramic Rings are more open, have large holes, and so they offer less surface area for the growth of useful bacteria, & the chances for the survival of anaerobic bacteria inside their pores is less as compared to Seachem Matrix.


Seachem Matrix need higher maintenance than Ceramic Rings:

However, Seachem Matrix needs to be cleaned sooner than Ceramic rings as the pores of the Matrix clog up faster than Ceramic Rings. When the clogs are blocked, the surface area is reduced, & bio media becomes less effective.


No matter which Bio Media you use, you cannot skip Water Changes:

Seachem Matrix cannot be used to replace regular partial water changes as heaps of solids will be dissolved in the water due to evaporation. Hence, water changes are required to wipe out those dissolved solids as well as nitrates from the water.


Seachem Matrix is more expensive than Ceramic Rings:

Compared to Ceramic Rings, Seachem Matrix are more expensive. Many aquarists use cheap Ceramic Rings in their filters instead of Matrix.

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