How long should the Seachem Matrix (Filter Bio Media) be replaced, and what are its Benefits?

Seachem Matrix provides high capacity biological cleaning of toxic water. Seachem Matrix can wipe out ammonia, nitrites & nitrates from the water. It is very porous & provides lots of surface area for the growth of useful bacteria. Both aerobic & anaerobic bacteria can grow on the surface of Seachem Matrix. Aerobic bacteria grows only if oxygen is available. Anaerobic bacteria grow inside the pores where oxygen is not available. Aerobic bacteria is used for removing ammonia & nitrites while anaerobic bacteria is used for the removal of nitrates from the water.

How long should Seachem Matrix be replaced?
How long should Seachem Matrix be replaced?

Seachem Matrix does not exhaust over time, so there is no need to replace it. Over time your Seachem Matrix may be clogged with debris & slime, so you should regularly do maintenance of your aquarium filter to make sure it works as effectively as possible.


Benefits of Seachem Matrix:

Seachem Matrix can remove every type of impurity from the water released from fish poop, uneaten food, dead plants, & other detritus. Seachem Matrix is a very porous inorganic material having a diameter of about 10 mm. Every liter of Seachem Matrix offers as much surface area as 170 liters of plastic balls. Plastic bio media just offers external surface area for the growth of good bacteria but Matrix offers both external & internal microporous surface area where good bacteria spreads in colonies. The microporous surface area is used for holding both nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria. Unlike plastic bio balls, Seachem Matrix has the capability of even wiping out nitrates. You can get rid of ammonia, nitrites & nitrates if you use Seachem Matrix, & due to its large surface area, it can efficiently clean water without needing any other type of bio media in the same filter.

Seachem Matrix is fully inert & it will not break down. There is no need to replace the Seachem Matrix. As most of the bacteria are internal, Seachem Matrix may be washed when required. Seachem Matrix can be installed in wet or wet dry filters, where it will efficiently clean water.

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