How to make DIY bio media for an aquarium filter at home?

Building DIY bio media is easy, & cheap. The only requirement is to use a few feet of remaining or used PVC pipe as well as remaining vinyl tube that you no longer need. Cut the pipe into little rings that look very similar to ceramic rings. Then put your media into the biological chamber of your aquarium filter. Lastly you can use caps of the plastic bottles & make a hole in their centres. All plastics that have been used in this project have decent surface area which will allow heaps of beneficial bacteria to populate on its surface.

Surface area is very important for the biological media. It is recommended to offer the best surface area for the growth of useful bacteria. An internal filter is located inside the aquarium so if you want to make a submersible filter, then it is recommended to make small bio media for the filter that offers necessary filtration but has a small volume so it takes less space inside your submersible filter. If bio media has lots of surface area, then it will allow useful bacteria to colonize on its surface, thus breaking down heaps of ammonia into nitrites & further into nitrates due to nitrifying bacteria. Nitrates are not as dangerous as nitrites, & nitrites are comparatively less dangerous than ammonia so fish can live in the water that contains nitrates. However, if there are heaps of nitrates in the water, then it is still dangerous for the fish so it is recommended to change up to 30 percent water every week to keep the level of nitrates under control.

In video below, you can watch how to make DIY bio media that looks similar to ceramic rings:

How to build DIY bio media for an aquarium filter

The materials that have been chosen for making bio media in this video tutorial offers less surface area than ceramic rings & other types of bio media. The bio media that have been created allows water to flow over the media as well as flow through the media due to a hole inside the media. DIY bio media looks very similar to ceramic rings but the pro of this bio media over ceramic rings is that it is cheap & can be made from leftover or used pipes / vinyl tubes or you can use caps of used plastic bottles. Bio media created in this project is an easy demonstration of how to build bio media without wasting your money.

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