Best Aquarium Filter for Rainbowfish Tank:

Rainbowfish require a filter for cleaning the mess produced by fish & live plants. As well as filter will remove remaining food & other detritus before they rot & release ammonia. Fish can't survive in the aquarium if the ammonia level exceeds. So, it is important to add an aquarium filter, & cycle your aquarium before adding Rainbowfish. Nitrogen cycle is crucial because it colonizes good bacteria on your filter media. Useful bacteria is crucial for breaking down ammonia into less toxic forms, nitrites & into nitrates. Nitrates are not as harmful as nitrites & ammonia but lots of nitrates are still very dangerous for the fish. 

Every fish needs a filter that not only removes fish waste & other decaying matter but also wipes out the dangerous chemicals that release from the decaying matter. A filter has 2 important functions: mechanical & biological filtration. A sponge can remove the solid particles that flow through the filter & bio media can take care of the toxic chemicals.

Internal filter is best for Rainbowfish aquarium
Internal filter is best for the Rainbowfish aquarium

Rainbowfish needs an internal or external power filter. These filters not only clean water but also generate some current because Rainbow fish are fast swimmers & they love medium water movement in their aquarium. Also, aquarists must change twenty five percent water every week to keep water parameters in control. If your aquarium water is filtered, warm, & have color improvement lights, then your Rainbow fish will exhibit their best coloration.

Any internal filter with adjustable flow rate can work in Rainbow fish aquariums. Make sure you set moderate water flow. Internal filters are setup inside aquariums so they take up some space in your aquarium. But they are effective against cleaning germs & improving water quality. Another choice is to use a hang on back filter which is very effective for Rainbow fish aquariums. Aquaclear Power filter is a very useful HOB filter that not only cleans water but generates some movement too. Aquaclear filters hold lots of media which is important for cleaning water. Clean water will help your fish swim actively. Also, filters can prevent fish from getting sick.

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