Best Large Peaceful Tank Mates for Tiger Oscar Fish include The Albino Oscar Fish, Red Blood Parrot, & Clown Loach:

Oscar fish belongs to the cichlid family, & it is popularly known as tiger Oscar, marble cichlid, & velvet cichlid.

Add Oscar fish to a big aquarium for keeping them healthy & happy. Offering a big home will help them grow well in the aquarium. Aquarists recommend big tanks for Oscars, & avoid adding a single Oscar in smaller than a 55-gallon aquarium because it could affect their growth, cause abnormalities & reduce their lifespan.

Top Large Peaceful Mates for Tiger Oscar Fish
Top Large Peaceful Mates for Tiger Oscar Fish

Oscars do not like friendship. In the wild, they live with many other types of fish. This isn’t true in small aquariums because there is not enough space for the fish to form their own territory that increases their aggression. If more space is provided to Oscars, then it reduces their aggression. If you setup an aquarium just for Oscars then it is the best for this fish.

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Keeping Oscar Fish in a Community Aquarium:

If you want to keep Oscars with other types of fish in the same aquarium then choose some large, passive species that will not come in the way of Oscars, & can defend themselves from Oscar’s attack.

Other fish in Oscar’s aquarium will live in fear due to the aggression of Oscars, so the best idea is to choose the passive species.


Tank Mates for Oscar Fish are:

  • Arowanas
  • Convict Cichlids
  • Firemouth Cichlids
  • Green Terrors
  • Jack Dempseys
  • Jaguar Cichlids
  • Sailfin Plecos
  • Severum Cichlids
  • Silver Dollars
  • Bichirs
  • Red Parrot Cichlids
  • Clown Loaches

Keeping Oscars with other Cichlids is not a bad idea because Cichlids can defend themselves.

Do not keep any small fish in Oscar’s aquarium because the Oscars could kill them. Also, do not introduce small invertebrates including shrimps & snails.

Best Large Peaceful Companions for Tiger Oscar Fish
Best Large Peaceful Companions for Tiger Oscar Fish

Keeping Multiple Oscars Together in a Single Aquarium:

Keeping Oscars together is safe but provides more space so they can form their own territory.

They like to live in pairs or small teams. I suggest you keep 2 or more Oscars in your aquarium.


Which Tank Mates am I keeping with my Tiger Oscar Fish?

I have setup 6 feet planted fish tank for Tiger Oscar fish. The tank is fully cycled & now it is time to introduce the fish to their new home. I have added a few beautiful colorful mates along with Oscar fish to the aquarium. My new aquarium fish include: Tiger Oscar, Albino Tiger Oscar, Loaches & Blood-Red Parrot Cichlid. Size of Tiger Oscar is about 12 cm, & they are highly energetic. Size of the Blood Parrot is about 6 cm & Clown Loaches have a size of about 8 to 10 cm. All fish are living peacefully in the aquarium & I have not noticed any fight.

I am using a 2400 Liter per hour canister filter for my 6 feet planted Oscar tank. An internal filter is added too for better filtration because Oscar fish are very messy & they make lots of poop. I have added a wave deflector to the output of the canister filter to convert it into a wave maker. It can cause a 360-degree rotation that causes amazing waves, & creates surface agitation, aerates water & causes air exchange.


Top Big Aquarium Mates for Oscar Fish: The Albino Tiger Oscar:

Best Community Mates for Tiger Oscar Fish
Best Community Mates for Tiger Oscar Fish: Clown Loach

The Albino Tiger Oscar has other popular names: Marble Cichlid or Velvet Cichlid. They grow to a large size & are very popular in the aquarium hobby. It is a beautiful variety of the very famous Tiger Oscar. Many aquarists keep this beautiful fish in their aquariums.

They look different from a dark colored Tiger Oscar that makes them very popular & attractive.

Keep the Albino Tiger Oscar in a big tank that contains at least 70 gallons of water. It is advisable to use sand as a substrate & a few big rocks too. The Albino Tiger Oscar will dig the substrate & will uproot plants too so keep potted plants & cover the roots surfaces with rocks. Another good idea is to add floating plants in the aquarium. They are not as territorial as other cichlids but will eat small fish. They are hardy & need simple care. Keep them with similar large mates.


Top Large Peaceful Aquarium Mates for Oscar Fish: Red Blood Parrots:

Red blood parrots seem different because they have a round body & their head is like a beak & they have large eyes. They can live peacefully in a community aquarium, which makes them a famous species in the aquarium hobby.

Mouth of Red blood parrots is very small, & it is difficult for the fish to feed itself sufficiently.

Do not keep Blood parrots with aggressive species, because they are delicate & can’t fight for food or turf in the fish tank. Many aquarists are keeping Red Blood Parrots in community aquariums with many other peaceful species.

Offer an abundance of hiding spots for the Red Blood Parrots so they can hide when stressed & setup their own territory. They like digging the gravels similar to cichlids. Do not add a very rough substrate as it could scratch your fish.


Best Large Peaceful Tank Mates for Oscar Fish: Clown Loach:

Best Large Peaceful Tank Mates for Oscar Fish: Clown Loach
Best Large Peaceful Tank Mates for Oscar Fish: Clown Loach

The clown loach is a peaceful species & they like living in community aquariums with other peaceful fish. It seems amusing to see them when you are feeding them, & they are highly active during day time. They like tank mates with whom they can form school. They like living in teams, & it is a good idea to keep 4 or more clown loaches in the aquarium. Clown Loaches avoid very bright lights, & they like hiding in the plants & rocks, & they will sleep in caves, & other hiding spots.

They grow to a large size, & they are very active. Keep them in a big aquarium with an abundance of hiding spots, & lots of free-swimming areas so they can swim around with mates.

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