How to setup Underwater Aquarium Lights (LED Bubble Wall):

Underwater LED lights come with seven light colors and it offers multiple display modes as well as bubble effect. You can choose one color or change multiple colors one after another for a beautiful bubble wall effect. It is easy to setup submersible LED lights used for freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

LED lights with bubble wall effect are sold in different sizes so choose the one that suits the length of your aquarium.


LED aquarium lights come with multiple options:

Choose a combination of light modes that display different coloration as well as bubble wall features that beautify the appearance of your fish tank. If you setup an aquarium with colorful LED lights and beautiful bubble wall effect then it seems stunning than the tanks equipped with normal artificial lights & air stones (used for creating bubbles).

You can use the energy saving effect and it is safe to use it in the fish tank. Just use the LED light by turning off the bubble wall effect.

LED lights with bubble features are developed for submersible water conditions, but they can be used for other purposes as well. You can change the coloration and frequency of LED lights to choose the light feature that suits your aquarium and room.


LED aquarium lights with bubble wall effect vs ordinary lights:

Unboxing underwater aquarium lights
Unboxing underwater aquarium lights

Submersible LED aquarium light is a modern technology as compared to typical top tank lights. Today’s tutorial is about setting up submersible led aquarium lights & how to use bubble wall feature. The equipment comes with LED light along with suction cups for fixing the light, air tube for connecting the light bar to the air pump for generating bubbles, & a remote control for choosing the color of single or combination of lights. Air tube can be connected to 2 connectors available in the underwater LED lights so the air tube is split in half and attached to both ends of the LED light bar. The opposite ends of both air tubes should be connected to the air pump.

Ordinary lights are useful for the live plants but they don't seem as beautiful as underwater LED lights. They are usually installed inside the aquarium canopy. Submersible lights are normally used at night when you turn off the tank lights. You can still see your fish and fish will be able to see the leftover food stuck in the aquarium gravels. Both lights are used for different purposes so if you have live plants that have high light requirements then choose artificial lights but if you want to use lights with amazing effects then go for submersible aquarium lights.


Steps: How to setup underwater fish tank lights and bubble wall feature:

After turning on the air pump, I saw amazing results. Remote control is used for switching ON / Off underwater LED lights and you can choose different settings for the LED lights and select different colors as well. 

Watch video below if you want to learn how to install submersible aquarium lights:

How to install submersible aquarium lights with bubble effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up LED lights with oxygenation and bubble wall features.


Step 1:

Submersible LED lights with bubble wall effect
Submersible LED lights with bubble wall effect

I bought underwater LED lights because they are able to distribute air bubbles evenly in the whole aquarium. Also, you can see colorful effects that beautify the air bubbles released from the LED light bar. Suction cups are used for connecting the LED lights to the tank glass.


Step 2:

How to setup led lights in aquarium
How to setup LED lights in aquarium

I have split the air tube in half and connected the first tube to the first connector of the LED light bar & the second air tube to the second connector. The opposite ends of both air tubes are connected to the air pump.


Step 3:

How to control LED lights
How to control LED lights

Remote is very useful for this tutorial because it helps you in switching on and off the LED lights. I can choose different color effects too such as smooth, fade and flashing LED lights, and I can select any color, and it seems very beautiful.


Step 4:

Features of underwater aquarium lights
Features of underwater aquarium lights

I haven’t explored all features of the remote control so you can check out the remaining features yourself. More options are included in the remote control.

I think you should see the video tutorial for better understanding of the submersible LED lights and bubble wall feature.



Submersible LED lights and bubble wall effect is a very handy equipment used for multiple purposes such as it allows fish to see food, and let you see the aquarium and fish with amazing light effects. Also, it can help in oxygenating water with bubbles coming out evenly from the entire length of the LED bar. Bubbles seem colorful with the light effect.

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