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Cichlid is an aggressive species. Some of the Cichlids are relatively more aggressive. Do not add Cichlids that are highly aggressive to a community aquarium because they will fight till death.

Males of Cichlids are highly territorial & they will attack each other in territorial fights.

When choosing Cichlids, make sure you do not add fish of differing aggressiveness in one aquarium. Same species show aggression towards each other. If you add Cichlids that are distantly related, then they are less likely to fight against each other.

A web research is required for buying the Cichlids for a community tank that will less likely show aggression.

Mix similar sizes of Cichlids together because the big ones will not eat the smaller fish.


African Cichlids have Teeth:

African Cichlids have teeth, & every species will have a different type of teeth that can help them in eating. Some of them are better for eating algae from rocks while others are good at catching small fish.


Aquarium Setup for African Cichlids:

Cichlids are omnivorous fish & they like decorated aquariums with lots of hiding places & a wild like environment. They like digging substrate & organizing it. Add a rock to the tank. Cichlids can uproot plants because they have the habit of digging & they eat plants so do not keep Cichlids in a planted aquarium.

African Cichlids can perform better when mixed with the same species. But if they fight then keep the aggressive ones in another tank. If you have a 55-gallon aquarium then it can house 15 African Cichlids. However, your fish will be happier in a bigger aquarium.


Cichlids Diet:

Offer Cichlids omnivorous food because they like eating a variety of diets such as algae, insect larvae, etc. Feed little amounts of food to your fish 2 or 3 times a day.

African Cichlids 4K HD Backgrounds:

Download African Cichlid Backgrounds in 4K Resolution from Google Drive

Cichlids Fish 4K HD Wallpaper
Cichlids Fish 4K HD Wallpaper

Cichlids Fish 4K HD Background
Cichlids Fish 4K HD Background

Best Cichlid Fish Wallpaper
Best Cichlid Fish Wallpaper

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