Australian Long-Necked Turtle / Snake-Necked Turtle 4K Ultra HD Wallpapers / Backgrounds:

Long-necked turtle is native to southeastern Australia. Another name of long-necked turtle is snake-necked turtle because it bends its head sideways into the shell instead of pulling it back.

Because of their long, narrow necks, these turtles are called long-necked turtles. They are dark gray or brown in color & their bottom is yellow.


Snake-Necked Turtle Profile:

Snake-necked turtles can reach 11 inches in length. Male turtles are shorter than females, & they have longer, thinner tails.


Snake-Necked Turtle can be Dangerous:

Long-necked turtles have strong feet & claws so avoid touching them because they have a strong bite.


Long-Necked Turtle Diet:

Snake-necked turtles are carnivorous species which means they eat live food. Offer them insects, fish, tadpoles, worms & more live diets.


Snake-Necked Turtle Habitat:

Snake-necked turtles live inside water. In southeastern Australia, these turtles are very energetic during day time & love basking in the warm weather. You can scare them simply with the smallest movement or noise & they will respond to it.


Aquarium Setup for Long-Necked Turtle:

Setup tank for turtles where they get artificial lights & have a stable water temperature.

Use an aquarium filter for cleaning the water. It will aerate the water & keep it clean. Use a heater if you want to keep water temperature between 72 to 78 Degrees-Fahrenheit. Your turtles can get sick in unstable temperatures. Use a thermometer for checking the temperature of water.

Fill the tank with two thirds of water.

Make sure you have enough area in your aquarium to allow turtles to bask.

Gravels are not needed, because if you provide a bare-bottom aquarium then cleaning it will be easy. Use river stones, or sand in the bottom if you want to beautify your tank.


Aquarium Size:

Most of the big turtle species need a minimum aquarium of around 1.2 meter long but if you provide a large aquarium then it is better.

Long-Necked Turtle HD Backgrounds:

Download Long-Necked Turtle HD Backgrounds in 4K Resolution from Google Drive

Long-Neck Turtle 4K HD Wallpaper
Long-Neck Turtle 4K HD Wallpaper

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