Free Download Cardinal Tetra Fish 4K Ultra HD Wallpapers / Backgrounds:

Cardinal Tetra is a beautiful fish that I recommended for beginners. Even experts keep this fish because of its delightful colors. Many aquarists confuse it with Neon Tetra because both of them look alike but there they are slightly different in appearance. Neon Tetra has a red stripe on the back half of its body but Cardinal Tetra shows a red strip all across its body.

Cardinal Tetra needs simple care & you can keep it with many peaceful fish in aquariums.


Aquarium Setup for Cardinal Tetra Fish:

Cardinal Tetra is a blackwater fish so they like dark & natural environments. Do not use high intensity lights in aquariums if you are keeping Cardinal Tetra. It is important to use low intensity lights & dark gravels, & keep driftwood & other natural stuff to mimic their wild environment. Adding dry leaves will release tannins & will offer natural colors but change it after every few weeks.

Their wild environment does not contain many plants, so your tank does not require heavy plantation. It is important to offer free swimming space to your fish because these fish are active & they love swimming.

Keep Cardinal Tetra in b/w 4.5 to 7 pH, & keep tank water temperature b/w 73 to 81 Degrees Fahrenheit.


Cardinal Tetra Fish Diet:

Cardinal Tetra likes to eat every kind of diet if it can fit in their mouth. They are omnivorous in their natural habitat, & like to eat worms & little crustaceans, but in aquariums they will eat flake, live or frozen diets.

Offer food that is enriched in vitamins, so it is important to feed them quality flake diets.

Cardinal Tetra eats a lot. Offering food several times a day is important but if you want to feed them twice a day, then provide food that they can eat within 5 minutes. If you are planning to feed them several times a day, then offer food that the fish can eat in only 3 minutes. Do not overfeed your fish.

Cardinal Tetra Fish 4K HD Backgrounds:

Download Cardinal Tetra Fish 4K HD Backgrounds from Google Drive

Cardinal Tetra Fish 4K HD Wallpaper
Cardinal Tetra Fish 4K HD Wallpaper

Cardinal Tetra Fish 4K Ultra HD Background
Cardinal Tetra Fish 4K Ultra HD Background

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