10 Best Cold Water Fish For Beginners:

Most of the fish that you keep in fish tank needs a heater because ideally they live in warm water but there are other fish that can survive at room temperature without the need for a heater. We know that one of the cold water fish for beginners is gold fish & in this article we have added 10 best cold water fish that a beginner can keep in aquarium at room temperature.


Sunset Variatus Platy:

Livebearers are the fish that most of the beginners love to keep in aquariums. They usually breed easily & it is easy to take care of the fries. Livebearers are hardy & usually they need warm temperatures too. But Sunset Variatus Platy is one of the specie that can be kept at room temperature without a heater. You can get every feature that you are looking for in this fish.

Sunset Variatus Platy is sold in many colors & patterns:

They are hardy & cheap

They only grow 2 to 3 inches in length & you can keep them in medium to high aquariums

They love to be with other fish & you can introduce plants in the tank because they don’t mess around with them

You can breed them easily

Keep Sunset Variatus Platy at room temperature with or without using an aquarium heater, & their preferable pH range is over 7. Sunset Variatus Platy is one of the best cold water fish for beginners.


Celestial Pearl Danio:

Celestial Pearl Danio is a very famous fish in the world & it falls into the category of nano fish due to its miniature size. The reason behind its popularity is its beautiful appearance such as golden spots & red orange fins which beautifies its look. Other names of Celestial Pearl Danio is galaxy rasbora, CPD, or Danio margaritatus. This fish seems a bit shy. If you provide them with right setup & good tank conditions, the males of the specie can be found circling each other in a dance off competition. You can keep multiple Celestial Pearl Danio in a planted aquarium, & these fish are known for schooling & they can change the look of your planted aquarium.


Hillstream Loach:

If you are looking for algae eater for your cold water aquarium, then you can’t go wrong with Hillstream Loach. This fish feeds on brown diatoms & green algae, but its look is different & seems like an alien sucking & cleaning your tank glass, rocks, structures, & plants. You can find different types of loaches that can live in cold water such as butterfly loach & Chinese hillstream loach, & most of the loaches like cooler temperatures & their pH range is between 6.6 to 7.8. You can also feed them other diets that sink to the bottom of the tank. If you care them, they will breed & will give birth to fries which will make the cleaning job easier.


White Cloud Mountain Minnow:

White Cloud Mountain Minnow does not need expert care & even a beginner can take care of this fish in an aquarium kept at room temperature with no heater. White Cloud Mountain Minnow likes to live in aquarium which has a temperature between 60 to 70 Degree Fahrenheit. These fish can be discovered in shallow streams in the wild with better plantation, & low to moderate water flow.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow likes to live in a company of 6 & can live in fish tank having a min. of 15 gallons of fresh water. They are carnivore & they like to live in pH between 6 to 7 & grow up to 3 cm long. It is recommended to keep dark sandy substrate with pebbles in fish tank. They can breed easily. Luckily they don’t eat their babies & hence the babies are able to survive with adults in the same aquarium. You can keep them in planted aquariums. The best filter for adults & babies White Clouds Mountain Minnow includes sponge filters. They love to eat live foods for better growth.


Dwarf Crayfish:

Dwarf Crayfish are the little versions of big crayfish & they like to live in fish tanks having 30 liters of water. Dwarf Crayfish live happily with other fish due to their peaceful behavior & they can reach up to 2.5 cm in length. They can survive in normal room temperature without having a heater & have a pH of 6.5 to 8. Dwarf Crayfish live in fresh water. They are omnivore & like to eat frozen worms, mosquito larvae, peas, algae pellets, & gel diets that are prepared at home.

After breeding of the fish, the eggs will show under the mother’s black legs & will hatch into little Dwarf Crayfish in 3 to 4 weeks.

If you discover an empty shell in your tank, do not panic because your Dwarf Crayfish have only molted & have not died. There is no need for a heavy filtration in aquarium, allow your fish to recycle & wipe out some particles. Do not add this fish to a non cycled tanks.


Cherry Shrimp:

Cherry shrimps are the little versions of Shrimps or you can call them dwarf shrimps, & they are available in red color & need simple care. They need an ideal temperature of 57 to 86 degree Fahrenheit.

You can usually keep them in groups of 5 & add them to a cycled tank. They live in peace & need omnivorous food for survival. For ideal outcomes, provide them with pH between 6.5 to 8. Cherry Shrimp can reach a size of 1.25 cm. They like to hide in regions such as coconut hides, java moss & more live plants.

You can add them to aquarium that is kept at room temperature without adding a heater. If you want to have stable water temperature, then you can turn on a heater with a rheostat that maintains the temperature. In case you have a powerful filter, then your fish might be affected by it.

You can add any type of food to aquarium because Cherry Shrimp likes to eat anything.


Fancy goldfish:

Fancy goldfish commonly live in fish tanks. They need an aquarium that can hold 20 gallons of water & they are best breeders. You can maintain a temperature level between 62 to 71 degree Fahrenheit, & a pH range between 7.2 to 8.

Fancy goldfish are peaceful & they are omnivorous & they grow to a size of 25 cm, & you can find them in numerous shapes & sizes. Fancy goldfish needs best filtration to keep water conditions in control. It is required to change 50 to 60 percent water in 1 week.

10 Best Cold Water Fish For Beginners
10 Best Cold Water Fish For Beginners - Fancy Goldfish
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These fish swim slowly & they have peaceful temperament, & if you keep them with bullies, then they will hurt your goldfish. They can be discovered in the mid layers of aquarium.

Adding plants to aquarium is a good choice because they will offer fancy goldfish a suitable environment for living. Adding a filter is required for these fish. It is suggested to add plants such as java fern, Anacharis & hornwort in fancy goldfish aquarium.


Clown Killifish:

Clown Killifish can live at room temperature without a tank heater & you can keep them in a community aquarium with more small fish. Their eyes are striking blue, they have wide vertical bands on their bodies, & male Clown Killifish tail seems similar to a rocket flame so they are also called ‘rocket killifish’. They like to be near the surface of aquarium, so cover your tank before they can escape it. They like to have a pH of 6.5 to 7.8 with medium water hardness. Clown Killifish are also known as Epiplatys annulatus.

Clown Killifish has colorful stripes & a small size, which makes them ideal choice for small aquariums. They have the smaller eggs. Their eggs are about 1 mm in diameter. Adding 25 eggs side by side make an inch.


Rosy Barb:

Rosy Barb is native to Afghanistan & Bangladesh, & it likes to live in temperatures between 60’s Degree Fahrenheit or less than that. They are hardy & need easy care, & you can keep them in a community tank. They are also classified as one of the fittest barb.

Rosy Barb grows up to 6 inches in length.

They like to eat worms, crustaceans & plants in the wilds. They can live up to 5 years. They usually live in lakes with fast moving water, in subtropical weather. In the wild, they have a pH range between 6 to 8, & temperature range between 64 to 72 Degree Fahrenheit.


Gold Barb:

Gold barb is also called Chinese barb, & it is a very famous cold water fish. It is recommended to have moderate water flow in tank having this fish. It is not required to provide suitable river conditions in your aquarium, but it is recommended to offer moderate flow from a submersible pump. The glob barb is available in a less popular green variety.

Gold barb is 2 to 3 inches long. It has a bright, shiny golden yellow body.

It is a schooling fish & must be kept in communities of at least half dozen of the fish or more. They are peaceful in nature & are the best choice for community tanks of other similar peaceful mates such as danios, tetras, & more little barbs.

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