Aquarium filter for cleaning fish poop / waste:

Ever thought of an aquarium filter specifically designed to clean fish poop? Well nothing is impossible and in today's article i will discuss an aquarium filter designed for this purpose. Turbo suction filter is used to clean, air aid the tank and also clean the fish waste from the bottom of the fish tank. Aquarium filter is air driven and doesn't require any powerhead. Turbo suction technology comes with a unique design which causes a cyclone effect inside the filter. This effect draws fish waste from the bottom of the tank and catches them in a trapped cylinder. The water returns to the aquarium after passing through a cartridge that holds hundreds of mini quartz beads which can house billions of beneficial bacteria. I installed fish poop filter in my 4 feet goldfish tank and will share my review in this article.

Below you can watch our tutorial about how to setup fish poop filter:

Setting Up Fish Poop Filter:

Quartz beads to house beneficial bacteria

Assembling the filter and setting it up is extremely easy. With 12 cm width and 16.5 cm height, it is easy to handle and maintain. Always wash the filter before first use that also includes the internal biological cartridge containing mini quartz beads.

Setting Up Fish Poop Filter

An air pump is required to operate the filter and there is an inlet to insert the air tube. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to setup the filter completely. The package as it is; is more suitable for a bare bottom tank and 120 litre aquarium capacity. However, the filter can be modified to be used in an aquarium with substrate. If you want to know how this could be modified then drop a comment below and i will do my best to write an article and upload a video on it.

Fish Waste Filter Review:

Fish poop filter started gathering fish excrement and caught it in the base of the filter where it started to trap from the first day. I was surprised by the amount of fish waste caught in the filter. You could also see it in the video as i have recorded the filter in operation for 14 days. My tank is 240 L which is almost double the capacity of filter, however filter was keeping up with the waste for 5 days. Filter efficiency started to reduce after 5th day and by the time it got close to 14 days; most the waste was just sitting under the filter. As suction was greatly reduced because of the filter clogged up with waste.

Fish Poop Filter Review

I have only used this filter in a bare bottom aquarium and I’ve found that it works best with lots of air flow. It’s not going to magically remove everything off the bottom of the tank but it does a good job. Keeps my Goldfish tank clean and also provides plenty of aeration.

Fish poop filter maintenance

The only annoying thing about the filter is that during maintenance air tube has to come out and filter has to be removed from the aquarium. Cleaning the filter is very easy, as the top can be open and dirty water can be removed and filter rinsed using tap water.

Fish Waste Filter Specifications:

Find below specifications of Fish Poop Filter;
  1. Product : Turbo Suction Filter
  2. Mechanics : Air Driven
  3. Material : Clear Plastic
  4. Filter Material : Quartz Beads
  5. Size : 12 cm in width and 16.5 cm in height
  6. Aquarium Size : 120 L (recommended)

Below are some of the pros and cons of this aquarium filter


  • Picks up a lot of fish poop
  • Very easy to clean
  • Time saver
  • Aerates the tank 
  • Vacuuming the tank is not required


  • Not suitable for tank with fry
  • Filter has to removed for maintenance
  • Only tested in bare bottom tank

I hope you have found this article useful and the video interesting to watch. Let me know how do you clean the fish poop in your aquarium and if you have ever tried this filter or something like this.


  1. From where do we buy this turbo suction filter?

  2. I bought it on ebay and it was available on Amazon too. It is out of stock now, not sure when new stock will be available

  3. I have a 128 litre aquarium.

    With substrate.

    How i can adjust this filter.

  4. I have a 60 gal mostly cory cats a few platys that there all mostly gone from age but all born in tank, very interested as I use a gravel vac and when my aquarium sprung a leak I put my new aquarium on the floor on planks and havny emptid and put it up on the original bottom yet making it messy when gravel vacuming,I think that caused alot of my platys an earlyer death,I feel bad but being disabled from a brain annurisum I`m not as active as I was b4,45 years a fish keeper as a 60`s scoop native when I found my own I found out Im sturgen top of the fish after turtle clan, we dont marry or eat our clan explained alot as I could never eat fish unless it was breadded with no head or tail alot of tartar sause and tons of mayonaze in tuna or salmo, very interested in this product,


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