What are Different Types Of Aquatic Plants

What are the different types of aquatic plants?

Aquatic plants are categorized into four different types based on their habitat & tolerance to water such as some plants lives under water through out their entire life while others stay on top of water surface with their roots only submerged in water. In this article we will discuss in detail the four categories of aquatic plants with some examples.

Types of aquatic plants
Types of aquatic plants

1. Emergent Aquatic Plants
2. Submerged Aquatic Plants
3. Floating Leaved Aquatic Plants
4. Free Floating Aquatic Plants

1. Emergent Aquatic Plant:

Emergent Aquatic Plant: Flowering Rush
Emergent Aquatic Plant: Flowering Rush

Emergent plant can grow in water but their upper part needs to be kept outside water. Emergent plant leaves can photosynthesize efficiently when they are kept outside water. People keep this plant in aquarium because they are able to grow in more water. Examples of emergent plants include The reed, Cyperus papyrus, flowering rush & wild rice.

2. Submerged Aquatic Plant:

Submerged Aquatic Plant: Myriophyllum Spicatum
Submerged Aquatic Plant: Myriophyllum Spicatum

This plant can grow when fully submerged in water. It is a rooted plant with flaccid or limp stems & majority of the vegetable mass is submerged in water, although some parts of this plant may be outside water level. Examples of submerged aquatic plants include Myriophyllum spicatum & Ceratophyllum demersum.

3. Floating Leaved Aquatic Plant:

Floating Leaved Aquatic Plant: Water Lily
Floating Leaved Aquatic Plant: Water Lily

Such plant is floating on the water surface. Floating leaved aquatic plant has its root attached to the substrate or bottom of water body with leaves that float on the surface of water. Water lily & pondweed are common floating leaves plant.

4. Free Floating Aquatic Plant:

Free Floating Aquatic Plant: Water Cabbage
Free Floating Aquatic Plant: Water Cabbage

Free floating is an aquarium plant that is suspended on the surface of water with its root not attached to water substrate or sediment or bottom of the body of water. Such plants have low requirements & they are pretty easy to grow in aquarium. Examples of free floating aquatic plants include water cabbage & water lettuce.

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