How to Setup Biological Filtration in Aquarium:

Biological filtration is very necessary in an aquarium. The lack of effective biological filtration is responsible for the deaths of more inhabitants than any other cause. The dissolved compounds which are removed by biological filtration are dangerous for aquarium inhabitants even if they live in small amounts.

In a new aquarium, the effects of toxic compounds can kill inhabitants very quickly. Therefore it is very important to cycle your aquarium before adding any fish to it.

Also learn how to setup mechanical filtration

Order of Filtration Media:

Order of filtration media in filter
Order of filtration media in filter

Water should meet mechanical filtration media first to remove debris as it is necessary that biological filter media should not become clogged because biological filtration media can help in growing beneficial bacteria colonies. If it is clogged, the flow of oxygen will be stopped & it will put the good bacteria colonies at danger of dying off.

Types of Biological Filtration Media:

There are various types of biological filtration media available at fish store. The most common types of biological filter media includes ceramic noodles & bio baki balls.

Ceramic noodles can offer biological filtration which removes toxic chemicals. There are numerous small holes in the outer surface of ceramic rings. There is a hole in the center & water not only runs over the ceramic noodle but through them too.

Bio baki balls are used to convert ammonia into nitrite & then nitrite into nitrate which is not that dangerous & can be removed with regular water changes. The beneficial bacteria is also called nitrifying bacteria which is very important part of nitrogen cycle.

Ceramic Media can provide both Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria:

Bacteria action which oxidizes ammonia depends on oxygen (aerobic). Ceramic media enables aerobic bacteria to populate the outer surfaces while the inside of ceramic media can help in growing anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria can help convert ammonia into nitrite & nitrite into nitrate which is not that dangerous. Aerobic bacteria is also known as beneficial bacteria.

Beneficial anaerobic bacteria can help you lower nitrate levels without water changes. Bio media is very beneficial for creating anaerobic bacteria. Ceramic media allows aerobic bacteria to populate the outer surface of ceramic media, while the inside portions of the media gives space for anaerobic bacteria to grow. Oxygen is consumed by bacteria on the ceramic ring surface which gives rise to anoxic conditions inside the ceramic media. Anaerobic bacteria is produced in a place which is oxygen free. Anaerobic bacteria can convert nitrates into nitrogen gas which can escape. Ceramic rings are responsible for reducing nitrates in an aquarium while conventional media only converts ammonia into nitrates, which needs to be removed using regular water changes.

Places where beneficial bacteria grows:

Beneficial bacteria lives on any surface in your fish tank. It lives on areas which are suitable for them. It grows in areas where there is oxygen & food. Filters are the best place where beneficial bacteria grows because it sucks food & oxygen. It sits on the surface area of the bio media which allows it to grow where it receives oxygen & food. Biomedia itself just provides surface for growing good bacteria. Beneficial bacteria grows on any surface but their concentration in aquarium is different. Some areas allow more good bacteria to grow but any surface area in the fish tank is able to grow beneficial bacteria where there is some structure e.g. gravel, sand, artificial plants, aquarium pump, hose & even the glass.

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