How to grow potted plants in fish tank for saving guppy fry from adult fish:

Sometimes people ask me how to protect the guppy fry from being eaten by adult bully fish. So in this tutorial I am adding aquarium plants that can save the baby fish & I suggest this method that will take care of the guppy fry if they are not born in a breeder box. Also you can add artificial plants or rock caves that are useful in breeder tanks. They will provide enough shelter to the fry & will protect them even if they are born in the main aquarium & when you spot these fry then you can take them to a breeder box. This will answer the question of how to protect the fry.

How to grow potted plants in aquarium


  • Aluminum Plant
  • Purple Waffle
  • Purple Temple
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

In today’s video I will show you how to make aquarium planters & how to add potted plants to tank. They can do the job well in bare bottom aquariums like mine or aquariums where fish like to dig.

Step 1: Buy aquarium plants that have long & broad leaves:

I visited 2 stores to buy plants. Choosing the plant is not easy because I am interested in plants that can live in low light & they have long leaves. I got the plants that met my requirements. Then I bought some pots. I have chosen few terrarium plants because they have broad & long leaves & they can provide variation to the aquarium. All of the aquarium plants need low lighting & require simple maintenance.

Step 2: Insert plants in plastic pots:

Also I purchased few plastic pots. I filled pots with aquarium gravel & insert plants in those pots. I have removed any damage leaves or branches before keeping them in tank. You must take care of the plant in a pot when lowering it in aquarium as there is a risk of gravel coming out of the pot or plant might go lose & float around in the tank.

Insert plants in plastic pots
Step 2: Insert plants in plastic pots

Step 3: Plants provide temporary hide-outs:

If you have enjoyed watching today’s video which is about saving guppies fry from adult fish & before you spot them, you can give them some protection using aquarium plants. Later you can take them to breeder box. I hope we have explained everything but if the information is not enough then you can watch video which explains everything in detail. Also you can ask question in the comment section below & we will reply you ASAP.

Step 3: Plants provide temporary hide-outs

Pros of aquarium plants in a breeder aquarium:

Fish loves natural environment & live plants can provide them what they need. Also guppy fry can use live plants to sleep on, hide in so that they can avoid bully fish. Also such plants can absorb waste particles & provide a perfect environment for baby fish because those delicate fish will need a clean aquarium otherwise they will die.

Cons of aquarium plants in a breeder aquarium:

However, plants will put you in trouble because they will require higher maintenance as you would remove the dead leaves & would add extra waste if dead leaves are not removed on time. Also they can provide limited hiding spot to guppy fry because adult fish can still spot them & chase them, & they need to be taken to a separate tank or kept inside a breeder box when you find them.

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